Monday, 25 July

The Bear Complex.

First, check out the video, it does a great job explaining the work out. Bear Video

Here is the description:

This is one rep:

1. Power Clean
2. Front Squat
3. Push-Press
4. Back Squat
5. Push-Press

Do that seven times for one round.

Do 5 rounds total working up to your max.

You can rest in between rounds.

Post loads per round to comments.


Adam said...


That was challenging! The transition from front squat to back squat was the toughest part for me.

Great to see Erin M again.

Matt said...


65, 85, 105, 115, 125

It is amazing how high your heart rate gets doing this. Grip and shoulders are definately the limiting factors.

ErinM said...


Wow. That was a beastly one. Last push press after the back squat was killer.

Great to be back!

jswobe said...

65, 75, 95, 115, 135

@Adam - agreed, the transition to the back squat was tough.

It was interesting working without a time component/constraint. That would have seriously changed my loads.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

baby huey said...

65, 75, 95, 115, 135

Adam Springer said...

65, 75, 95....realized the bar was bent...., 115, 125

i put the bent bar in the corner with a spring collar on it. It is really badly bent to the point where it will roll on you at the worst possible moment.