Thursday, 28 July

Run 1 mile (Kozusico Monument and back)
15 x Wall ball shots (20/14)
30 x strokes on the C2 rower
15 x Med ball cleans (20/14)
30 x strokes on the C2 rower
15 x Med ball clean and shoot (20/14)
Run 1 mile

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Sweddy said...

It looks like the 2011 CrossFit Games will be online Friday, Saturday, and Sunday:

jswobe said...

The first Games WOD was just announced:

The individual WOD starts w/ a 210-meter swim...

Matt said...


Another good one today. I was chasing Adam the whole time. I wanted to get sub-20, but I just couldn't find anymore speed/heart on the last mile.


Adam said...

20:40 - even though Matt was right on my heels I couldn't kick it into high gear.

Fun combo exercises. Med ball clean and shoot is one of my favs.

Sweddy said...

Good find Jason! I think it is great that swimming is in the CF games.

ErinM said...

Fun WOD. And now my legs are smoked.


Sweddy said...


jswobe said...


I subbed 3500-meters on the bike for each of the 1-mile runs.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Tex said...

Shoulders needed a break today so I did:4x400meters sprints resting exactly 2x the sprint time in between: 1:25,1:26,1:27,1:21.
then, after the final rest, did 10x 20m hill sprints with 20sec recovery Slowest time of :07 and fastest of :04.