Friday, 9 December

BEAT NAVY!!!!  Best of luck to the Army team as they face off with Navy in the CrossFit competition at Potomac CrossFit.  

We won't meet in the morning because of the modified schedule, but try to get this one in when you have time.

Shoulder press - 4 - 4 - 4
Push press - 3 - 3 - 3
Push jerk - 2 - 2 - 2

Check out the video which shows the difference between the 3 exercises (it all comes down to the use of the dip and drive):

NOTE:  The bar starts in the rack.

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Adam said...

It was a bit lonely this morning in the '62 room, I went in around 0900 and it was a ghost town.

SP x 4: 105-115-120
PP x 3: 140-150-150(f)-140(3)

I can't do a push jerk to save my life, so I did the final sets of 2 as a push press:
PP x 2: 145-145-145

I think my mine issue with the push jerk is flexibility in my chest and shoulders. I can't seem to get the bar straight up overhead while doing the re-dip. Much like the snatch, I have a physical and mental block to dropping quickly under the bar.

Mickey said...

Press: 95, 115, 115x2 115x2
Push Press: 115, 125, 125
Push Jerk: 135, 145, 145

Almost got 165 on the Jerk towards the end but I was too warn out

finished the workout with some muscle ups, ring dips, and pullups.