Thursday, 8 December

This is a bit of a different one...let's meet in the '62 room to warm up and then head up to the basketball courts to get after it.

7 rounds for time:
Standing broad jump to half court, then bear crawl to the other baseline.
Sprint back to start point.
Rest 1 minute

Then as a cash-out -
100 x double-unders and 100 x push-ups for time

NOTE:  You can mix and match DUs and PUs in any rep scheme and sequence you'd like. 
NOTE2:  The cash-out was added this morning after the morning crew begged for more after we finished the WOD.
Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

8:03 for the 7 rounds. (including the 1 minute rest between rounds)

100 Pushups and 100 double unders for time after that in 7:38

Finally have my double unders. shoulders died though real fast. hardest 100 pushups i've done in a while.

Adam said...

8:34 for the first part. I learned that I'm slow with my broad jump.

Cash-out: 5:23

I agree with Mickey, those push-ups were brutal! I'm glad that I started with push-ups first, because after I switched to double-unders, the push-ups were nearly impossible!

Matt said...


8:09 in the first WOD.

Cash-out: 5:37

The push-ups got hard fast and my double-unders got better.

ErinM said...

Somewhere between 8:09 and 8:34. No push-ups for me this morning (thanks climbing and Sandhurst!), but managed 100 DUs in 5:00ish, which is a big improvement for me. Really fun this morning.