Saturday 2/28/09 - Sunday 3/1/09

Rest days.

Get ready for the month of WODs brought to you by Chris V. and Dan H.

CrossFit Friday 2/27/09

After a brief departure from CrossFit Friday, Black and Gold CrossFit is proud to be back on board as CrossFit Nation leads the way in functional fitness here at West Point. One of the main reasons we do CrossFit as a big group is to provide you with resources on how to do this type of physical training with your platoons once you leave your Rock Bound Highland Home.

Meet in Hayes Gym at 0530.

Filthy Fifty (Sort of)

For time.

Station 1 (Hayes Gym)
50 x Pull up
50 x Box jump
50 x Push up

Station 2 (Basement)
50 x Squat
50 x Burpee
50 x Walking lunge (each leg)

Station 3 (3rd Floor)
50 x Wall ball (20lb ball, 10 foot target) sub=35lb plate thrusters
50 x Sit up
50 x Push press (45lb bar/plate or 20lb dumb bells)

Between rounds, run from your current station to the forth floor and then to the next station. This is an individual effort. Keep your time, post it accordingly.

Post time to comments.

Thursday 2/26/09

Why we have a Freddy's Revenge. (We'll call it Freddy's Cousin)

For time.

5 rounds of:

5 x 275lb Dead lift *(Thanks to Dan Hogan for pointing out my mistake. Games weight was 275lb not 255lb)
10 x Burpees

Post time to comments.

This workout is why there is a Freddy's Revenge. The workout above is one that was done at last year's CrossFit games. Freddy C. is a CrossFit Level 3 trainer who felt he would have fared better in the CrossFit games if they would have not done dead lifts and instead gone overhead with weight. Jason Kalipa proved him wrong but it gave us two good workouts instead of one. Remember, burpees are chest to floor, fully open hips at the top, with a jump and clap overhead.

Wednesday 2/25/09

Fight Gone Bad (FGB)

For reps/calories.

3 rounds of 1 minute each of the following exercises:

Wall ball at 10ft target
75lb Sumo dead lift high pull (45lb for women)
24" Box jump
75lb Push press (45lb for women)

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Each exercise is counted by number of reps except the rower which is counted by number of calories used. The score is cumulative for all five exercises in the round. The score for all three rounds added together is your total score. This is a running clock so move quickly between stations. It does not matter where you start, so 5 people can begin simultaneously. I will need some help setting this up in the morning so we can get after it. We will set up in the hallway. Need some of you to get the blue boxes from Hayes that we use for box jumps and a couple of people to move the rowers. I'll go to the '62 room at 0530 to assist in the rower movement. All others go up to the 3rd floor weight room and set up 4 75lb bars. We will run two lanes so we can have 10 folks going at once. Bring some paper and a pencil too so that you don't have to remember your numbers per round. If you are doing this without a rower, sub burpees.

Post score to comments.

Tuesday 2/24/09

Elizabeth on Crack

For time.

15 x 155lb Power cleans
30 x Ring dips
12 x 155lb Power cleans
24 x Ring dips
9 x 155lb Power cleans
18 x Ring dips
6 x 155lb Power cleans
12 x Ring dips
3 x 155lb Power cleans
6 x Ring dips

Post time to comments.

Monday 2/23/09

For weight.

Overhead Squat

3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3

Post load to comments.

Saturday 2/21/09 - Sunday 2/22/09

Rest Days.

Congrats to the Firsties on 100th Night. Enjoy it, life's about to get real. Train hard.

Friday 2/20/09

For time.

50 x Ring dips
Gym loop
50 x Push ups
Gym loop
50 x Hand stand push ups
Gym loop

Gym loop sub is 400m run.

Post time to comments.

Some of you maybe wondering why the departure from the CrossFit Friday activities. I offer you this explanation. The CrossFit Fridays have done for CrossFit at West Point more than I could ever do with a blog or simple website. It has brought to the forefront CrossFit as an extremely effective way for you to physically train Soldiers and yourselves as you impart on your journey as leaders in the Army. For all of that I am thankful, as you should be. I would like nothing more than to see CrossFit Fridays back on this blog but as a CrossFit trainer and purist I want to make sure that we are staying true to what CrossFit is. Since Black and Gold CrossFit is an official affiliate, it is our responsibility to make sure that what we put on this site falls under the definition of CrossFit. For those of you who have read the CrossFit start up guide linked above, a lot of this will be regurgitation. For those of you who have not, you need to but here is a quick synopsis.

What is CrossFit?
6 words is the CrossFit prescription. Constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. We do not have a hard time with the first four words. Where I constantly see problems is with the functional movements piece. Let me be blunt. CrossFit is not a 30 minute full body circuit. Do not get me wrong, there is plenty of room for extended time muscle failure workouts but the movements must be functional.

What is functional movement?
Functional movements can be broken down into 8 elements. A functional movement really does all of these things or else it does not fit the definition of functional. This is what makes CrossFit different from what most of us know as a circuit training. For a movement to be functional it must be:
1. Natural. This means something that happens in nature. Dead lifts, squats, pull ups are all excellent example of this. You do these everyday whether you even realize it, most of the time with very little if any load.
2. UMRP (Universal Motor Recruitment Pattern). In even simpler terms, core to extremity power. Meaning I get my momentum from my core and use that to move weight at my extremities. A kipping pull up is a great example of this.
3. Efficient and effective. If movement is not the most efficient way to move the weight then if does not meet the definition of functional. This pretty much excludes any kind of isolation exercise like bicep curls or skull crushers.
4. Essential. Meaning you must to this to live. You must be able to stand up (squat) you must be able to get up out of bed (sit up) you must be able to get up off the ground (push up).
5. Compound or multi-muscular. Again, this kind of ties in with efficient. But all CF exercises use more than one muscle group. Flutter kicks, iron abs, planks, wall sits, crunches are multi muscular but are not efficient so also do not fall into this definition.
6. Elemental. This simply means it cannot be reduced any further. Think about a dead lift, I cannot find a more elemental way to move weight from the ground to the hang position.
7. SAFE. This is probably the most important. If it is not SAFE then you risk injury. Poor form = not safe. Get someone to watch you if you think your form is suspect.
8. Power=(F*d)/t. Each movement is designed to help you move large loads (F), long distances (d), as quickly as possible (t). Think about this. Does it matter whether you go up stairs one at a time, 2 at a time or more? You are moving the same amount of weight the same distance. The most efficient is the one that allows you to do it fastest. If you move the same amount of weight the same distance faster, you increased your power capacity.

I hear a lot of folks saying that they are doing is CrossFit and I have no doubt that they believe what they are doing is CrossFit. What I urge you all to do is help spread the right word. Please do not be self righteous about it but education is important. As always, I am available for more questions and will make the time to go over all of this or any movements in more detail as will any of the trainers.

Thursday 2/19/09

Just in case your legs aren't smoked's another little treat.

For time.

5 rounds of:

15 x 135lb Dead lift
12 x 135lb Hang power clean
9 x 135lb Front squat
6 x 135lb Push jerk

Women Rx'd weight is 95lb

Post time to comments.

Oh by the way, Wednesday's WOD was supposed to be 4 rounds instead of 5. You all are welcome for the additional round, it only made you stronger. I promise this this one is Rx'd at 5 rounds. 3, 2, 1...Go!

Wednesday 2/18/09

For time.

5 rounds of:

400m run
10 x Handstand push ups
2 x rope climbs (15 ft)

Use Hayes gym for this workout. 1 round will look like this. 3 laps on Hayes track, 10 x HS Push ups on one of the flat areas at the corners (put a towel down and touch your head to the towel), go to the shelf descend on a rope the rope to main level of Hayes, back up to the 15ft mark (about shelf level) then back down and up again. That is 1 round.

Post time to comments.

Tuesday 2/17/09

Minute intervals for 20 minutes of:

5 x 75% 1 rep max Front squat
10 x Push ups

Start each round on the minute.

Post weight of Front squat and number of rounds complete to comments. Rx'd is 20 rounds.

Monday 2/16/09


For time.

5 rounds of:

20 x Pull ups
30 x Push ups
40 x Sit ups
50 x squats

Rest exactly 2 minutes between rounds.

Post time to comments.

Saturday 2/14/09 - Sunday 2/15/09

Rest Days. Make up any missed workouts.

CrossFit Friday 2/13/09

Slugs and Kisses (A Valentine's Partner workout)

Meet at 2nd Floor Gym 0530, bring a towel.

For time with a partner.

Station 1: 2nd Floor Gym
Fireman's Carry x length of the court and back
Circle push ups, 1 minute clockwise, 1 minute counter-clockwise
Piggy back carry x length of the court and back
1 partner plank other partner does elevated push ups x 1 minute

Station 2: Hayes Gym
22 x towel pull ups, partner does flutter kicks
2 x rope climbs (10ft, 15ft, 20ft = 1 rope climb), partner does iron abs
22 x Burpees, partner is in the plank
2 x lap around the track with med ball overhead, partner does wall sit

Station 3: 3rd Floor Weight Room
22 x Plate thrusters (25% body weight)
1 x Gym loop
22 x Plate sit ups (25% body weight)
1 x Gym loop

Post time to comments.

Thursday 2/12/09

For weight.


5 x 3 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1.

Try and increase weight on each round through the sets of 2 in an effort to reach and maintain your 1 rep max on the last four rounds.

Post loads to comments.

Wednesday 2/11/09

If you have a 20lb med ball or a 53lb kettle bell, bring them to this workout so we can have max through put. First folks in go down to Hayes and get the big blue boxes for box jumps.

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

1 x 24"Box Jump
2 x 53lb Kettle bell swing
3 x 20lb Wall ball

Increase each exercise by one rep each round.

Example, round 2 is 2 x box jump, 3 x KB swing, 4 x wall ball. Round 3 is 3 x box jump, 4 x KB swing, 5 x wall ball etc...

Post number of rounds completed to comments.

Tuesday 2/10/09

For weight.

Clean and Jerk

1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1

You can use power clean or squat clean and you can use push jerk or split jerk. The bottom line is it is the same amount of work.

On a side note, I noticed a small decrease in numbers this morning. Don't fall into the trap of not coming in or else all of your work will be for nothing. You won't have the option of sleeping in once you are in the "real" Army, so don't start bad habits.

Additionally, we have also had a sharp decrease in posting. Again, do not let your ego get in the way of posting. Sometimes your workouts are strong and sometimes not but the posting serves as an online journal from which you can measure your performance. Measuring increased work capacity is one of the key elements of the CrossFit program. Bottom line, post your numbers.

Enough of my ranting.


Monday 2/9/09

Tabata Frianne

8 rounds of 2o seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest (20:10) for a total of 4 minutes on each of the following movements.

95lb Thruster
Pull up
225lb Dead lift
Hand stand push up

Women's Rx'd weights are 65lb for Thruster and 155lb for Dead lift.

Do each set of 8 rounds on one movement then move to the next. We will start this in 4 minute waves.

Score by counting total number of repetitions.

Post rep total to comments.

Saturday/Sunday 2/7/09 - 2/8/09

Rest Days or make up any workouts missed.

CrossFit Friday 2/6/09

2nd floor gym.

Come with a buddy and be prepared to share some pain.

No excuses Firsties!

Thursday 2/5/09

For weight.

Shoulder Press 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1

Push Press 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3

Push Jerk 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5

Check out the videos here and here for demonstrations and to see the differences between the three exercises.

Ideally, you will increase your weight on each of these to where your last rep on the previous weight is the starting rep on the next. This one should be fun.

Post weights to comments.

Good luck to those members of the Class of 2009 picking their posts tonight.

Wednesday 2/4/09

Meet at Hayes Gym

For time and rounds.

100 x pull ups and some rope climbs.

For this workout you will begin at the pull up bars in Hayes. Complete as many pull ups as possible until muscle failure or you release the bar. Once you release the bar, run to the ropes and climb to the shelf. Run from the far end of the track back to the stairs on the other end and go back to the pull up bars. That is 1 round.

Continue this sequence until you have completed 100 pull ups. To scale this workout, once you reach the point where you can no longer complete the rope climb or you cannot do any more pull ups, record the number of reps and rounds completed, then with assistance complete the 100 pull ups. I will demonstrate some ways to do assisted pull ups in the morning.

Post time and number of rounds to comments.

Tuesday 2/3/09

For time.

15-12-9-6-3 reps of:

225lb Dead lift
Gym loop

Perform 1 x gym loop after each set of dead lifts. Sub for gym loop is 400m. Female Rx'd weight is 155lb.

Post time to comments.

Monday 2/2/09

For time.

25 x Box jumps
30 x Push ups
30 x Squats
30 x Sit ups
50 x Box jumps
30 x Push ups
30 x Squats
30 x Sit ups
25 x Box jumps

As Rx'd box jumps are completed on a 24" box for men 18" box for women.

Post time to comments.