Friday, 30 September

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in today's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

5 Rounds For Time -

20 x Pull-Ups
30 x Push-ups
40 x Sit-ups (APFT Standard)
50 x Air Squats
Rest 3 minutes

NOTE:  If you have to depart before you complete, just complete as much as you can do before you have to punch out.

Thursday, 29 September

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in Friday morning's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

Check out the main site ( today and watch the Iceland CrossFit Anywhere video - you will see someone proudly rocking a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt in Iceland!  Anyone know who that is???  AWESOME!!!!!!

For today's WOD - Strap on your reflective belt and come and report to the '62 room.

25 x Ground to Overhead (115/75)
Run 1 mile
10 x Ground to Overhead (115/75)

NOTE:  For Ground to Overhead the bar starts on the ground and you use whatever method you'd like to get it overhead with arms fully locked out - clean and jerk, snatch, squat clean and thruster, etc.
NOTE2:  The 1 mile route is from Arvin to Kozcuisko Monument and back.  Watch for traffic & wear your reflective belt!
NOTE3:  Scale weight as needed.  This workout should be challenging, but if you find yourself staring at the bar for extended periods of time, then drop some weight to maintain intensity.
Post time to comments.

Wednesday, September 28

ATTENTION OLD GRADS COMING FOR THE REUNION THIS WEEKEND - if you are interested in participating in Friday morning's WOD, please email:;  I've checked the reunion schedule and there isn't a good time on Saturday to do a WOD based on parade and football game. 

As for today's WOD:

3 rounds for time (each person completes 3 rounds)

Partner WOD

Run gym loop (approximately 400 meters w/ 2 flights of stairs) (Person A)
10 x box jumps (24/20) (Person B)
10 x kettlebell swings (53/35) (Person B)

NOTE:  While Person A runs a gym loop, Person B completes as many rounds as possible of box jumps and KBS.  Once Person A returns, they pick up where Person B left off and they continue with as many round as possible until Person B returns.  After both people complete the gym loop, that is one round complete.  Repeat the sequence twice more.
NOTE2:  If running solo, simply time yourself on the run portion and use that time as your amount of time you have to do box jumps and KBS.

Post time and total number of rounds complete of box jumps and KBS complete to comments.

Tuesday, 27 September

Bike 1 mile
5 x Wall climbs & handstand push-ups

Post number of rounds to comments.

Monday, September 26

Front Squat

Compare to August 15 2011
Post loads to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 24 - 25 September

Check out a great news clip of the Black and Gold CrossFit founder, Dan Blackmon, talking about his efforts in Fight Gone Bad 6.  He raised over $17,000 for a great cause.  To make it all the more awesome, he did FGB6 while on mid-tour leave.

Job well done - NEVER QUIT!

Rest days to recover from a tough week!  See you Monday!

Friday, 23 September

Short distance, high intensity intervals! 

Let's meet in the '62 Room to warm up and then we will head up to the basketball courts (4th floor).

12 rounds for time:
20 double-unders (1:2 sub to maintain high intensity = 40 single unders/jumping jacks)
100 meter sprint touch & go (run 50m, touch, and return to start - half length of B-Ball courts - longwise)
Rest 1 minute

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 22 September


21-15-9 reps of:
Squat clean (135/95)
Ring dips

NOTE 1:  Scale as needed.  High rep, high weight squat cleans are tough!  Try to maintain intensity and not spend a majority of the WOD staring at the bar (or rings)
NOTE 2:  If you reach muscle failure on ring dips you can either use a band to assist, do jumping ring dips, do regular dips, or do push-ups.  Regardless, complete all the reps!

Check out a video on the CrossFit main site - click on Elizabeth as rx'd:

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 21 September

Team WOD:

In a team of 3 -

AMRAP 15 (Note - we scaled it back from 20 mins to 15 min based on time available and challenge of the workout):
Person #1 - Row 500 meters (or 45 strokes on a machine w/o display)
Person #2 - Deadlift (225/150) [max reps while on station]
Person #3 - Sit-ups (APFT standard, use something to anchor your feet) [max reps while on station]

The person rowing sets the rotation pace - once they are complete with 500 meters, they rotate to the next station and team members rotate to the next task.  The next team member rows 500 meters and then rotates.  Pretty simple concept, but tracking your team score may prove to be challenging - figure out a system for your team and then get after it. 

The goal is to complete the most work in the least amount of time (i.e. max power!). 

NOTE 1:  If you don't have 2 friends to work out with, then start with Rowing 500m, see how long it takes you, then use at as your rotation time for each station.
NOTE 2:  If we don't have the right number of folks to make full teams, then we will figure it out.
NOTE 3: If your team uses the rower in the '62 room, then you have to do walking lunges between stations in order to even out the time advantage you have over folks who go to the other room.
NOTE 4:  If all the rowing machines with digital output are in use, then sub with 45 strokes on the rowing machine without the display, it should be close.
NOTE 5: There are no more notes...less rules, more work!

Post total team reps and name of team members to comments.

Tuesday, 20 September

Before you check out the WOD, check out this video - amazing & insane.

Nancy (with long legs)

5 rounds for time:

1 x Comm's Loop (approx. 500 meters; Nancy is only 400 meters)
15 x Overhead squats (Beginner = 45 lbs., Intermediate = 75 lbs., Advanced = 95 lbs.)

compare to 9 August 2011

Post time to comments.

Monday, 19 September

Max reps until dropping off the bar - no kipping allowed

Max reps of Strict pull-ups (palms facing away)
    Rest 3 minutes
Max reps of Strict chin-ups (palms facing you)
    Rest 3 minutes
Max reps of Strict mixed grip
   Rest 3 minutes

Repeat sequence, but now only rest 1 min. between each set

NOTE 1:  Tape your hands, use chalk, or whatever method you prefer to avoid tearing your hands.

NOTE 2:  You get 1 point for each rep.  If you arms aren't fully locked out at the bottom, or if your chin doesn't make it above the bar, then it doesn't count.

Post total score to comments.

Friday, 16 September

Medicine ball clean and shoot (20/14) -  "Beat the clock"

1 x MBC&S in the 1st minute

2 x MBC&S in the 2nd minute

3 x MBC&S in the 3rd minute

Continue to add one more every minute until you can't complete all work in 1 minute.

Post number of rounds to comments.

Thursday, 15 September

Partner IOCT repeats - AMRAP 15

Person #1 - runs IOCT (w/ modified 1/2 last lap to get to stairs)
Person #2 - rests

After Person #1 finishes, Person #2 runs IOCT, and Person #1 rests. Repeat for 15 minutes.

Note:  We will stagger starts by a few minutes to avoid stacking up at any station.  If there are a bunch of other folks in Hayes working on the IOCT, we will have to play well with others!

Post number of IOCTs complete by partners to comments.

Wednesday, 14 September

5 Rounds for Time:

10 x Ring Dips
10 x Front Squats (115/75)
50 x Double-unders (or 200 single-unders/jumping jacks)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 13 September

9 x push press (75/45)  - check out a decent video Push press video
15 x bar facing burpees (see instructions below)
Rest 30 seconds

Bar-facing burpees
Each burpee must be performed perpendicular to and facing the barbell. Your head cannot be over the barbell. The chest and thighs touch the ground at the bottom. You must jump over the barbell from both feet and land on both feet. One-footed jumping or stepping over is not permitted. The next rep will then begin on the opposite side facing the barbell.

Post number of rounds to comments.

Monday, 12 September

Run 5km

Start in front of the Comm's House, run to Lee Gate, and return to Comm's House.

NOTE:  For those who are running with the early crew, meet in front of the Comm's House to stretch and warm up with a step off at 0545. 

Post time to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 10 & 11 Sept

Rest on Saturday.

Sunday, do something active in rememberance of the 10 year anniversary of 9.11.01.  You can walk, run, bike, swim, hike, rock climb, wrestle, ice skate, or anything else, but do something that requires you to break a sweat.

Post to comments what you were doing 10 years ago on 9.11.01 when the world changed.

Friday, 9 September

Warm-up and then spend 30 minutes working on muscle-up progressions and technique. 

check out this great video on muscle-up progressions - Muscle Up Progression Video

Post your progress on muscle-ups to comments.

Thursday, 8 September

10-10-10 reps of  Overhead squat


Bike max distance in 10 minutes.

NOTE:  There is no time component to overhead squats.  Take your time, concentrate on form.

Wednesday, 7 September

15-10-5-5 reps

Do 10 x GHD or inclined sit-ups after each set.

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD.  Concentrate on form and don't rush to failure (or back injury!)

Tuesday, 6 September

APFT CrossFit-style!

Let's meet at Shea Stadium at 0535 and get after it.

4 Rounds for Time:
30 x Push-ups (APFT Standard; all the way down and lock arms out at the top - don't cheat yourself!)
30 x Sit-up (APFT standard; anchor your feet)
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute between rounds

Post time to comments (continuous clock; include rest as part of time - time stops after you complete the 4th x 800 meter run)

Monday, 5 September


Adam, Caleb, Matt, Erin, & Tex - 31 Heroes WOD - Labor Day 2011

31 Heroes WOD

If you are around and want to participate in this WOD, please RSVP to comments so we know who to expect.  Let's meet at Arvin when it opens (0900), pair up, and get after it in rememberance of the 31 Heroes KIA in Afghanistan helicopter crash.

Bring an assault pack loaded with about 45 lbs.


AMRAP 31 Min (As Many Reps As Possible)

8 x Thrusters (155/105)
6 x Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 x Box Jumps (30/24)

This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run Comm's Loop with an assault pack (45/25). Once Partner #2 returns from the run, Partner #1 will grab the assault pack and begin their the run, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.

Score – Total # of reps

NOTE:  Scale as needed.  Don't hurt yourself.
NOTE2:  If you dontated to the 31 Heroes cause and have a t-shirt enroute, I will let you know when it arrives.  They are supposed to mail them in bulk to the affilitiate (aka my house) and I will email you when you shirt arrives.  If you didn't buy a shirt, no worries, you can still get after the WOD - PT is always FREE at Arvin!!!

Post number of rounds or partial rounds, weight used, and partner's name to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 3 & 4 September

Rest days.

Rest, refit, and get ready to hit the 31 HEROES WOD on Monday.  If you are traveling and won't be around for Monday's WOD, then find a way to challenge yourself physically and break a sweat!

Friday, 2 September

We will do the warm-up in the '62 room and then move upstairs to the 2nd Floor basketball courts.
This morning the early crew hit the WOD and did a few modifications based on how quickly we all got smoked and failed!


Sprint - Beat the Clock  - ROUND 1

Run 1 x baseline to baseline down and back the first minute (approximately 60 meters total)
Run 2 x baseline to baseline down and back the 2nd minute
Continue this sequence (adding an additional sprint each minute) until you can't finish all sprints in 1 minute

NOTE:  This will last 3 - 5 rounds depending on your level of fitness and quickness!



Run 1 x length of the court (only down - 30 meters) the first minute
Run 2 x lengths the 2nd minute
Run 3 x lengths the 3rd minute
Continue this sequence until you can't complete required runs in 1 minute.

NOTE:  This will last 6 - 9 rounds depending on your level of fitness and quickness.

Bonus round (if you aren't smoked already!) - 200 double-unders for time

Post number of rounds complete to comments.