Wednesday, 1 June

3 Rounds for Time:

Row 500m
10 x ring dips
10 x squat cleans (115 lbs.)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 31 May


12 x kettlebell swings (53 lbs.)
24 x sumo deadlift high pull (65 lbs.)
12 x box jumps (24")

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Monday, 30 May

Memorial Day - remember those who've paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Run 5k, row 5k, bike 15k, or swim 1k.

Post activity and time to comments.

Sat & Sun - 28 & 29 May

Rest Days.

Have a great (and safe) Memorial Day weekend.  Many thanks to all those who have served, who currently serve, and those cadets who are stepping up to serve in the future.

Friday, 27 May

Gymnastics Goat Day!

Spend a total of 30 minutes working on 2 or more gymnastics goats - handstand push-ups?  muscle-ups?  wall climbs?  burpees?!?  Whatever you need work on, get after it.

If you skipped a WOD this week, then this is a great day to make it up.

Post goats and progress to comments.

Thursday, 26 May


21-15-9 for time

Thrusters (95 lbs.)

Ensure you get full depth on your thrusters - remember full front squat, then explode upwards with a lock out of your arms at the top.  If you need to scale the weight in order to get full range of motion and high intensity, then scale it. 

Thruster video:

There are several Fran videos on Youtube if you want to watch other people crush it.

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 25 May

Today we are going to take a shot at the new Army Physical Readiness Test (APRT).  The APRT will soon become the Army's new assessment of physical fitness and will eventually replace the APFT once scores and standards are determined.

Meet at Shea Stadium.


Event #1: 60-yard shuttle run (5 yard, 10 yard, and 15 yard marks):  place a small wooden block at each yard mark, sprint from the start point, pick up the block at the 5 yard mark, return to start, drop block (don't throw), turn and sprint to 10 yard and repeat the process until you complete the 15 yard portion.  Post total time to comments.

Event #2: 1 minute "Rower":  this exercise is an abdominal/core work-out and does NOT involve a rowing machine.  You have 1 min to complete as many reps as possible.  If you stop at any point, your performance is terminated at the point.  See article for description of the rower ( & basically you start flat on your back, arms extended overhead, palms facing inwards, you sit-up until your feet are flat on the ground and arms are extended forward, palms inward, that's one rep.  You obviously can't use your hands to grab your thighs, clothing, etc. to help pull you up.  Post total reps completed to comments.

Event #3:  Standing broad-jump (best of 3 attempts):  You must start with your feet in line with your shoulders (no stagger steps), bend at the hips and jump forward as far as possible.  Feet must land together.  Distance measured from where the closest part of your body touches to the start point.  Informal standard is you should be able to broad jump at least as far as you are tall (i.e. I'm 5'10" and therefore should jump at least 5'10").  Post furtherest jump out of your 3 attempts.

Event #4:  1 minute of push-ups:  Knock out as many push-ups as you can in 1 minute.  Unlike the APFT standard, if you stop at any point, your performance is terminated.  No resting, sagging, shifting hands, etc.  Post reps to comments.

Event #5:  1.5 mile run (6 laps on a 400 meter track).  Run as fast as you can.  Post time to comments.

That's the future of your physical fitness assessment in the Army.  Standards/scores have not been determined yet, so not sure what is good, great, etc.  for each event.

In addition to posting event scores, also publish your thoughts on the APRT to comments.

Tuesday, 24 May

Pull-up and Sprint rep roller coaster.

Meet in the '62 room and then we will go up to the 4th Floor basketball court to do the WOD.

The rep scheme for today's WOD is a bit different, so let me explain.  For pull-ups you will start with 5 reps, then 50 yard sprint (25 yard down & back), then go to 4 pull-ups, 40 yard sprint, and down to 1 pull-up and a 10 yard sprint.  Then you work your way back up, starting at 1 pull-up w/ 10 yard sprint, then up 2/20, 3/30, 4/40, to 5/50, then back down 5/50, 4/ get the point - like a roller coaster - start at top, go down, go back up, go back down, and back up. 

In total you do 60 pull-ups for the work-out and sprint a total of 600 yards.

To simplify here it is:

Alternate pull-ups and sprints in the following scheme.  For sprint distance multiple # of pull-ups by 10 meters.

5-4-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4-5, 5-4-3-2-1, 1-2-3-4-5

I will set up markers on the b-ball court to simplify and there are pull-up bars on the wall.

Post time to comments.

Monday, 23 May

For those faithful fitness few hanging out at USMA this summer, I'm trying to find the 'best' time for the morning crew to meet for max participation.  Check your schedules and then post to comments when you will be available to hit the gym the following day.

For the WOD:

Front squat:  5 - 5 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 1 - 1 - 1

Between every set knock out 10 GHD sit-ups.

Post loads to comments.

Saturday & Sunday, 21 - 22 May


Rest days to celebrate.  Have fun and get ready to get back at in on Monday.

Friday, 20 May

CROSSFIT FRIDAY - last one for USMA c/o 2011 - let's take them out with a bang.  Special video request from members of USMA '11:

For the WOD, based on a special request from Nick B:

"Filthy Fifty" (Compare to 11/19/10)

50 x box jumps (24")
50 x jumping pullups
50 x kettlebell swings (35lb)
50 x steps walking lunges (total, not per leg)
50 x knees to elbows
50 x push press (45lb)
50 x back extensions
50 x wall ball shots (20lb)
50 x burpees
50 x double unders

You must complete all reps of an exercise in order to progress to the next exercise.

Post time comments.

Thursday, 19 May

ROPE & RUN interval training.  Meet in the '62 Room to stretch and then up to the 4th floor basketball courts for the WOD.

12 rounds for time:
20 double unders or 80 single unders - keep the intensity up!
75 meter sprint (entire LONGWISE length of the 4th floor b-ball gym, you cut across several B-ball courts, not just the length of 1)

Rest & repeat

NOTE 1:  Rest 2x time needed for work (i.e. if it takes you 30 seconds for Round 1, rest 60 seconds prior to starting Round 2). 
NOTE 2:  If doing with a group, it's best to rest 60 seconds between rounds - keeps timing easier.
NOTE 3:  Sprint carrying your jump rope so you can maximize efficiency of the work/rest intervals.

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 18 May

AMRAP Attack!

AMRAP 1 min: body weight bench press (scale as necessary to maintain challenge & intensity)
   Rest 1 minute
AMRAP 1 min: knees to elbows
   Rest 1 minute
AMRAP 1 min: Kettle bell swings (53 lbs.)
   Rest 1 minute
Run, row, swim, or bike max distance in 20 minutes.

Post reps for each event and distance covered in 20 mins. to comments.

Tuesday, 17 May


11 x Burpee thrusters (75 lbs.)
20 x double unders
11 x Wall-ball shots (20 lbs.)

Notice a theme?

Here is a video of burpee power snatches (, the same general concept applies to the burpee thruster, but I couldn't find a video of the exercise.  Bottomline, do a push-up on the barbell, then execute a standard thruster, that's one burpee thruster.

Monday, 16 May

Let's kick off Grad Week with a great start!  Start in Hayes Gym and get after it!

3 Rounds for Time:

9 x pull-ups
Bear crawl 30 meters (1st 1/2 length of Hayes Gym)
Walking lunges 30 meters (2nd 1/2 length of Hayes Gym)
Rope climb (15 feet)
Run 75 meters (1/2 lap on track to the stairs, down to start)

Post time to comments.

Saturday & Sunday - 14 - 15 May

Rest your weary bodies and prepare to hit it again during Grad Week. 

Congrats to all the cadets for Beating the Dean once again - now prepare your mind and bodies for summer training - make physical fitness your summer routine.

Repost for Thursday, 12 May (Blogger deleted it!)

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (from WOD Shop)

7 rounds for time:

7 x pull-ups
14 x burpees
21 x air squats

Post time to comments.

Friday, 13 May

Row Intervals:

9 rounds for maximum distance

1 minute row followed by 1 minute rest

Post total distance to comments.

NOTE:  You can also do this same workout with run or bike based on equipment availability.

Wednesday, 11 May



Post loads to comments.

Tuesday, 10 May

200 push-ups

Every time you have to come out of the push-up position to rest, knock out 10 x box jumps (24")

Post time and number of box jumps to comments.

Monday, May 9th


Overhead squat (95 lb.)
GHD sit-ups (advanced) or regular sit-ups  (great GHD video:

Run 1 x Comm's Loop (500m) after each round

NOTE 1: Scale OHS as necessary to maintain form and intensity
NOTE 2: If you haven't done GHD sit-ups before, then you should probably do sit-ups & in the future start working in 5 - 10 GHDs prior to WODs to build your capacity.

Saturday 05/07/11 - Sunday 05/08/11

Rest Days.  Give the mothers in your life a big hug!

Friday, 05/06/11

Most of your bodies are pretty beat up after this week, so we'll offer a few Friday options:

Option 1:
Run 5k
Row 5k
Bike 15k

Option 2:
Make-up one of the WODs from this week

Post time to comments

Thursday, 05/05/11

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Happy Gymnastics Improvement Day!

5 rounds for time:

5 handstand pushups
5 muscle-ups

Post time to comments

Wednesday, 05/04/11


Run 500m (Comm/Supe's Loop)
5 deadlifts (set weight to 80-85% of one rep max)

Post rounds and weight to comments

Compare to 11/16/10

Tuesday, 05/03/11

Borrowed from the main site this weekend:

Five rounds for time:

15 ring rows
155 lb* bench press, 15 reps
225 lb* back squat, 15 reps

*As always, scale the weight as appropriate, but do the reps as rx'd.

The preview video above covering the ring row can also be found at this LINK.

Post time to comments

Monday, 05/02/11

Today marks MAJ Jake Miller's ("JWM") final WOD as OIC of the Black & Gold CrossFit affiliate.  As a tribute to his leadership, coaching, encouragement, and loyalty to this program over the past two years, we've created this WOD to honor him.  Please come out at 0530 to say thanks to this incredible officer, and please leave your farewell messages in comments.

"Miller Time"
For time:
20 kettlebell swings (53/35)
20 air squats
20 pullups
20 box jumps (24/20)
20 knees to elbows
20 situps
20 hang power cleans (95/65)
20 wall ball shots (10' @ 20/12)
Run up to the ropes in Hayes Gym
2 rope climbs (at the top of the second ascent, get off on the shelf for the Hayes Gym Running Track)
Run 2.5 laps on the Hayes Gym RunningTrack (200m)
Return to the '62 Room
50 double-unders (200 single-unders for all those who never let MAJ Miller teach you double-unders!)

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