Thursday, 1 December

Thursday morning, the CrossFit team is holding try-outs for the competition against Navy.  If you are interested in trying out, be in the '62 Room at 0530 and link-up with Mike or Justin.

If you are not trying out, the WOD is:    

250 sit-ups (APFT standard - feet anchored)
every time you stop, knock out 15 push-ups

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 30 November

3 rounds for max reps of: 
1 min x Squat Cleans (95/65)
1 min x Double-unders
1 min x SDHP (95/65)
1 min x Burpees
1 min x Push press (95/65)
1 min x REST

NOTE:  This WOD is similar in format to Fight Gone Bad - constantly running clock, so the faster you can transition between exercises, the more reps you will complete.

Post total number of reps to comments.

Tuesday, 29 November

Erin (Erin M) rocking the Black and Gold t-shirt while practicing rugby!

Erin in the scrum!

Partner WOD - bring a friend!

3 rounds for time:
Person A - run Gym Loop
Person B - Burpee Pull-ups (as many reps as possible while partner is gone)
switch roles

NOTE:  In total, each person will run 3 gym loops and complete 3 sets of burpee pull-ups

Total score = total burpee pull-ups complete/time (converted to seconds)

Post partner's name and score to comments.

Monday, 28 November

A few folks sent in some Turkey Day WOD pix - enjoy!

Patrick knocking out some handstand push-ups!

Patrick doing push-ups...gotta go lower!

Nick (njc) doing pull-ups in Albany

Mickey with the girlfriend back squat!

Nick doing a bull riding WOD!
Adam doing wall balls with a pumpkin.
Josh (JC) at the top of the ski slope after starting at South Dock, pushing a stroller!  Beast!



NOTE1:  There is no time component to this WOD, focus on form.
NOTE2:  For an additional challenge for experienced deadlifters, stand on a 25 lbs. bumper plate.

Post loads to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 26 - 27 November

Rest days.

Reminder - take a CrossFit themed picture and email it to

Right now I have a few awesome ones and waiting on a few more!!!

Friday, 25 November

I'm still suffering from a turkey hangover...and I can't think of a reasonable WOD to do today.  Stomach too full!  

So, today you get to do whatever you want, where ever you are at.  Break a sweat!

Do something CrossFit related and take a picture and send it to:

Enjoy your long weekend.  

Go Thanksgiving...Eat Gravy!

Thursday, 24 November

CrossFit Assignment - over Thanksgiving, take a photo of yourself doing something related to CrossFit.  It can be humorous, serious, creative, etc.  and email picture(s) to  I will upload all pictures and captions (if provided) on Sunday night. 

Turkey Day WOD:
Prior to the food feast and football games, get outside and break a sweat!  Walk, run, ride, rope, swim, wrestle, play football, basketball, whatever it is, get outside and do SOMETHING that does not involve eating. 

Post activity to comments.

Wednesday, 23 November

CrossFit Assignment - over Thanksgiving, take a photo of yourself doing something related to CrossFit.  It can be humorous, serious, creative, etc.  and email picture(s) to  I will upload all pictures and captions (if provided) on Sunday night. 

Because of compressed schedules, etc., there will be no morning crew.  Booo!  That being said, get in the gym when you can and knock it out before you head out for Turkey Day.

9 x bench press (body weight)
11 x GHD sit-ups or regular sit-ups with 20 lbs. medicine ball
Run Stairway to Heaven (sub is run 400 meters and do 10 x box jumps)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Tuesday, 22 November


150 x wall ball shots (20/14) at a 10' target

Sounds easy, but it's a tough one!!!

Post time to comments.

Monday, 21 November

Start off with an AMRAP 3 - STRICT pull-ups


3 rounds for max time:
Handstand hold for max time
Overhead squat hold (in the down position w/ a PVC pipe) for max time
Ring dip hold for max time
Rest 1 minute

NOTE:  This is a rare WOD in which a greater amount of time is better.
NOTE2:  Minimize transition time between events for max intensity.

Post number of pull-ups and total time

Saturday - Sunday, 19 - 20 November

Rest days!

Enjoy the weekend.

See you Monday!!!

Friday, 18 November

Strength day!

10 - 5 - 5 - 3 - 2 - 1
Back squat

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD, focus on form.

Post loads to comments.

Thursday, 17 November

Let's meet in the '62 room to warm-up and brief the WOD, then we will go to Hayes Gym for the WOD.

Cross monkey bars - touch all bars!
Rope climb ('15)
200 meter run (run 2.5 laps and then return to start by ropes)
Rest 1 minute

Post number of rounds to comments.

Wednesday, 16 November

Today, we are doing a Hero WOD from the CrossFit main site from  23 October 2011 - check out the link:

10 rounds for time of: 
3 x Handstand push-ups
6 x Deadlift (225/155)
12 x Pull-ups
24 x Double-unders (or 75 single-unders)

NOTE: Set as an AMRAP 20 if you are pressed for time.  Post number of rounds completed in 20 mins if you go with this option.
NOTE2:  Scale deadlifts as needed - 225 is rather heavy, especially for a total of 60 reps!
NOTE3:  If you cannot do HSPUs, then substitute with 3 for 1 elevated push-ups (9 each round) or 2 for 1 pike push-ups (6 each round)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 15 November

 21-15-9 reps of:

 Power Cleans (135/95)
 Box jumps (24/20)
 Sit-ups w/ 20 lbs. med ball

NOTE:  With the power clean, the barbells starts on the ground and you clean it up to the racked position.  There is NO requirement to drop into a full squat (that's a 'clean' or 'squat clean' not a 'power clean').

Post time to comments.

Monday, 14 November

Welcome back from the long weekend!

Today's WOD -

500 x double-unders for time!!!

Yep, that's it!

If you haven't mastered double-unders, you have a few options:
1)  1,500 single-unders for time (3:1 for one substitution)
2)  Spend the time working on double-unders.  With double-unders PRACTICE is the ONLY known way to get better!!!!!  You should incorporate D/Us into your daily warm-up.

Post time to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 12 - 13 November

Rest days - enjoy your weekend!

Go Army, Beat Rutgers!

Friday, 11 November


Today's WOD is simple - get outside and do something to break a sweat in honor of our past, present, and future veterans!!!  Run, ride, swim, wrestle, walk, climb, crawl, row, lift - the choice is yours, just get out there and get after it!

Post activity and time to comments.

Thursday, 10 November

Today, in honor of all our past, present, and future veterans, we are doing the "WOD for Warriors" - grab a partner and let's do this!  I've slightly modified the WOD to better fit our set-up in Arvin.

WOD for Warriors

11 Rounds:
11 Exercises
11 Reps each
Executed with a partner
Exercise sequence (do 11 reps of each exercise and alternate w/ partner so Person A works and Person B rests):

1- Burpees
2- Double-unders OR Tuck Jumps
3- Handstand Push-ups - sub = feet elevated push-ups
4- Ring dips
5- Sit-ups
6- Air Squats
7- Deadlift (135/95)
8- Pullups (any type)
9- Press (45/25 plates) - grab a plate (non-bumper is easier), press it overhead without knee bend or hip drive (like a Shoulder Press, not a Push Press)
10- Jumping Lunges
11- 11 meter fireman's carry - depends on space - likely do these in hallway

Details: A two person team will have one member working at all times.  #1 begins with burpees, once complete, #2 executes double-unders/tuck jump, once complete, #1 executes HSPU then #2 executes Ring Dips, and so forth.  Since there an odd number of exercises, the second time through, #2 will start burpees, #1 will do tuck jumps, etc.  The idea is a quick and even work-rest cycle, high intensity, giving it our all to honor our Veterans, and improving our ability to move more further faster!
NOTE:  If you have to take-off prior to finishing because of formation, etc., post number of rounds and time completed.
Post time and partner's name to comments.  

Wednesday, 9 November


Big Nasty!

5 rounds for time:
3 x overhead squat (115/75)
5 x front squat (115/75)
7 x box jumps (30/24)

NOTE:  Scale as needed!  115# OHS is rather stout - don't do more than you are capable of.
NOTE2:  Barbell starts from the racked position in the squat cage.

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 8 November

Great effort by the Black and Gold CrossFit team in their throw down with Air Force!  Despite a solid effort by all, the Zoomies edged us out on some skill stuff (double-unders, muscle-ups, etc.) and claimed the victory.  Air Force now leads the series 2-1, but next year we will host the event and even the score!  Great work by the team and thanks for representing B&G and WP at USAFA. 

For today's WOD, we will do an AMRAP 5, rest for 5 minutes, and repeat the AMRAP 5.

 5 x ring rows
 7 x ring dips
 9 x overhead squats w/ PVC pipe
 15 x double-unders (1:3 sub for single-unders = 45 s/u)


Repeat the AMRAP 5 as above.

Post number of rounds complete for each AMRAP to comments.

Monday, 7 November

First off, congrats to JC (Josh Christy) and his wife on the birth of their baby!!  Awesome!

Secondly, I haven't heard how the Black and Gold CrossFit team did this weekend at Air Force.  Once I get an update, I will post.  I'm sure they did awesome!!!

As for the WOD, it's a bit different, but that's the point of a constantly varied work out!

Unbalanced Load - Bench Press

10-8-6-4-2 reps

Here's how it works - you pick the load you want to lift and then add an extra 2.5 lbs. to one side (so it's unbalanced!).  Each round try to increase the load, ensure you alternate the side which is unbalanced, and if you feel comfortable, increase the amount of the imbalance (i.e. Round 2 you can have +5 lbs. on one side)

There is NO time component to this WOD - please be sure to use a spotter and spring clips, as even a little imbalance can be exceedingly challenging and awkward!

Post loads and unbalanced load per round to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 5 - 6 November

Rest days.

Best of luck to the Black and Gold CrossFit team as they take on Air Force Saturday morning in the Black and Blue CrossFit competition.

Go Army, Beat Air Force!!!!!

Friday, 4 November

Let's meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then we will head to the basketball courts for the WOD:

Shuttle Run WOD

7 rounds for time 
Round =  Baseline - Free throw - 3 point arc - half court
Rest 1 minute between each round

Cash out/bonus round: 100 double-unders for time!

Post time for each event to comments.

Thursday, 3 November


7 x burpee box jumps (24/20)
7 x sumo deadlift high-pull (95/65)
7 x overhead carry steps (95/65)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Wednesday, 2 November

 5 rounds for time 

12 x Ring push-ups
12 x Kettlebell swings (53/35)
12 x Goblet squats (53/35)
Ride 1/2 mile on bike

Post time to comments.