Friday & Saturday - 30 - 31 December

The break is ALMOST over and it's about time to get back at it in the '62 Room!  I've missed working out with the morning crew!

In preparation for the New Year, we are going to set some New Year's Resolutions...but  not in the typical "I'm going to go to the gym more" or "I'm going to lose some weight" - those generic resolutions NEVER work!  So, in order to have some chance at success, we are going to use a little PL100-action to get things moving in the right direction, and we are going to set SMART goals.

SMART goals are: Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic, and Time-based.

As an example:
I will attempt 25 double-unders every morning for a month as part of my warm-up routine.  

This hits all the points in that the goal is very specific (25 DUs daily), it is measurable (did you do 25 DUs or not), action-oriented (doing something), realistic (attempting 25 DUs should be realistic, it didn't say "100 unbroken DUs" or anything like that - that might be a bridge too far for most folks, especially daily!), and time-based (daily for a month).

So think about what you want to improve on and set a SMART goal to get there!!!!!

Post SMART goal(s) for 2012 to comments.  Remember - keep it REALISTIC and focus on 1 - 3 goals at most!!

Mon - Wed, 26 - 28 DEC

Keep up the fire with interesting WODs in interesting places!  Erin M is rocking it with OHS with bikes, Leigh had the 12 days of Christmas, Sodak and Tex are rocking it at Military Athlete...keep it up!

I still have only received ONE take a CrossFit inspired photo and send it to - I'm hoping to get several awesome pix of folks on vacation!

Take it easy and continue to post your activities!!!

Saturday - Sunday, 24 - 25 December

Wow - everyone has been doing a great job staying active and posting their stuff - thanks!  Sorry for not keeping things current and updated, but traveling like a crazy person, shopping, etc. has gotten me off my game!

Glad to see some legends of B&G checking in - Tex & Sodak - for those who don't know, they are probably the most fit LT's out there - look out platoons, the pain trains are coming when they arrive!!!

I've had one person send in a great Christmas inspired CrossFit picture - it is awesome, but needs some competition - so please don't forget to snap a pic and email it in to - the best one gets an old school B&G t-shirt!

Post to comments two things you'd love for Santa to bring you for Christmas - the first should be a skill (like Double Unders, etc.) and the second should be a piece of equipment.  I'm not saying that Santa will grant any wishes, but it will be fun to see what's on everyone's wish list!

As for today and tomorrow - find a creative way to work out and have a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday - Thursday, 20 - 22 DEC

I'm on the road, sorry I didn't update previously!  I will be in and out and not sure if I will have internet access, but make sure you do something active and post to the blog!  We all will be checking in on each other to make sure we are doing something!!

Post activities to comments!

Monday, December 19

I hope everyone's winter leave is off to a good start!

Today's mission - do something to break a sweat and post what you did!

Post activity to comments and don't forget to send a CrossFit themed picture to

Saturday - Sunday, 17 - 18 December

Congrats on making it through TEE week!  This week was brutal academically and physically...oh my it was a tough one!  Many thanks to all those you came out to break a sweat and get their minds off of academics for a little bit.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas break!  Remember to stay active and continue to check the blog!

Take those CrossFit-inspired Christmas photos and email them to:

Rest days...use them to scope out places to workout on Monday!

Friday, 16 December

As TEE Week draws to a close and we prepare to go our separate ways, I wanted to put out a few notes:

1)  Don't forget to stay active over the break.  Continue to check the blog as I will occassionally post some comments, WODs, etc. I know many folks will be limited on equipment, etc., so in the absence of a prescribed WOD or equipment (ropes, weights, pull-up bars, etc.) the guidance is simple - find a way to work out!  Lift heavy objects you find in the garage, use tree branches for pull-up bars, chop a cord of wood, back squat your girlfriend/boyfriend/bro/sis/friend, play sports, go to a high school football stadium and run sprints and stairs, find a playground and do dips, pull-ups, etc.  Use your imagination and your love of CrossFit and figure it out!!!  Planning and executing a work out in the absence of a fully stocked gym will help you figure out how to lead PT in the Army when there is a no '62 room readily available. 

Remember CrossFit is all about executing constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements!  This simply means - try something new/break the routine, do it vigorously (for time and/or for weight), and make sure it is a compound movement (uses multiple muscle groups and joints) that replicates something you naturally do (push, pull, lift, throw, jump, run, carry, sit, stand, etc.).  Isolated movements like biceps curls in front of the mirror are NOT the answer!  That being said, doing ANYTHING (even the dreaded elipitical trainer!) is MUCH better than sitting on the couch eating and watching TV the entire break.  Try to break a sweat every day - even if that means going to Zumba with your Aunt.

2)  Take a photo doing something CrossFit inspired over the break.  Email it to -  The best picture wins an old school B&G t-shirt!

Now for the final WOD of TEE Week!  What an awesome and tough week it has been!  Thanks to the morning crew for staying at it and showing up.

For today WOD, bring your jump rope and reflective belt.  It will take around 30 minutes, so we need to be ready to kick off right at 0540.  Safety first when running outside - watch for cars, potholes, etc.

Run, Rope, & Ride - compare to 1 July 2011

100 x double-unders (sub is 1:1 tuck jumps or 3:1 single-unders)
Run 1 mile (Arvin to Koscuiko's Monument and back)
Ride 5km (3.2 miles) - pick a bike you like, set it at the resistance you desire, and pedal!
Run 1 mile
100 x double-unders

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 15 December

Reminder - don't forget to take your Christmas inspired CrossFit photo over the break!  Send it in and you may win a classic B&G t-shirt!

Check out this video - looks like they need some CrossFit so they can improve on their IOCT skills!  I can't believe Justin Weeks didn't bring them to join the morning crew!!

TEE Week WOD #4

3 x chest to bar pull-ups
6 x Kettlebell swings (53/35)

Rest 5 minutes then

3 x power cleans (135/95)
6 x ring dips

Post number of rounds for each AMRAP to comments.

Wednesday, 14 December

I hope TEEs are going well - hang in there!

Reminders -
1)  CrossFit t-shirts?  Let me know.
2)  CrossFit Christmas photo contest.  Take an awesome photo, email it to me ( and best one wins a classic B&G t-shirt.

TEE Week WOD #3

"Wood" (Hero WOD from the main site)

5 Rounds for time of: 
Run 400m (Comm's Loop - start in front of Arvin gym)
10 x Burpee box jumps, 24" box
10 x Sumo-deadlit high-pull (95/65)
10 x Thrusters (95/65)
Rest 1 minute after each round (during rest walk to front of Arvin for start of run)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 13 December

How are TEEs going?  Hopefully well.  Beat the Dean!  Come do CrossFit!!!

A few notes:
1)  If anyone is interested in buying a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt for themselves or their loved ones/friends for Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza, etc., please shoot me an email at:  They are $20 each and you can either pick up in the '62 room in the morning or swing by my office in Thayer.
2)  Winter CrossFit photo contest - over the break, you have a photo assignment - take an awesome CrossFit picture with a Christmas theme and submit it to me - - I will post all the pix, everyone will vote, and the winner will win 1 of 2 remaining vintage Black and Gold t-shirts (old style!).  

TEE Week WOD #2

 5 rounds for time
 Run 400 meters (gym loop) 
 15 x overhead squats  (95/65)  

Post time to comments.

Monday, 12 December

During TEE week, we might not have many folks there for the morning crew at 0530, but this is NOT an excuse for skipping the WODs this week.  One of the best ways to clean your mind and help you study/test more effectively is to routinely exercise!  Drinking excessive amounts of Mountain Dew and pizza will not help you ace your TEEs, but breaking a sweat can definitely help you out!  

A few notes:
1)  If anyone is interested in buying a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt for themselves or their loved ones/friends for Christmas, Hannakah, Kwanza, etc., please shoot me an email at:  They are $20 each and you can either pick up in the '62 room in the morning or swing by my office in Thayer.
2)  When you take off for Winter Leave, please STAY active!  If you let yourself go physically for 3 weeks and then come back in January, it will be that much harder to get back in the swing of things!  
3)  When you are home, try to look up a local CrossFit affiliate and get in a WOD or two.  Not only does it support the CF community, it can also give you some exposure to other CF programs and coaches, and you might learn something new. for TEE Week WOD #1

Body Weight 550 (named because you do a total of 550 reps during the WOD!!)

10 rounds of the following rep scheme:
10 x double-unders (sub = 3:1 for single-unders OR tuck jumps)
9 x air squats
8 x push-ups
7 x box jumps (24 inch/20 inch)
6 x knees to elbows
5 x lunges (Left leg and then right leg = 1 rep)
4 x pull-ups
3 x ring dips
2 x handstand push-ups
1 x muscle-ups!!!!  (scale to jumping muscle-ups or 3 x ring pull-ups & 3 x ring dips)

NOTE:  Scale number of rounds based on time available and ability.  

Post time to complete all 10 rounds!

Saturday - Sunday, 10 - 11 December

GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheer on the Army team to victory!!!!

Friday, 9 December

BEAT NAVY!!!!  Best of luck to the Army team as they face off with Navy in the CrossFit competition at Potomac CrossFit.  

We won't meet in the morning because of the modified schedule, but try to get this one in when you have time.

Shoulder press - 4 - 4 - 4
Push press - 3 - 3 - 3
Push jerk - 2 - 2 - 2

Check out the video which shows the difference between the 3 exercises (it all comes down to the use of the dip and drive):

NOTE:  The bar starts in the rack.

Post load to comments.

Thursday, 8 December

This is a bit of a different one...let's meet in the '62 room to warm up and then head up to the basketball courts to get after it.

7 rounds for time:
Standing broad jump to half court, then bear crawl to the other baseline.
Sprint back to start point.
Rest 1 minute

Then as a cash-out -
100 x double-unders and 100 x push-ups for time

NOTE:  You can mix and match DUs and PUs in any rep scheme and sequence you'd like. 
NOTE2:  The cash-out was added this morning after the morning crew begged for more after we finished the WOD.
Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 7 December

Pearl Harbor Day - never forget the surprise attack that brought the US into WWII.  If you have a family member who served in WWII, then post their name and service to comments!

Partner WOD - pair up and let's get after it!

Person A - run  the entire Stairway to Heaven (run down to the basement, then up all the way to the top!)
Person B - 6 x wall climbs & 8 x deadlifts (225/165)
Once Person A returns, switch roles.

NOTE:  The partner who is done first rests until the other finishes.  (i.e. Person B rests until Person A returns from the Stairway to Heaven, or vice versa if A returns prior to B finishing the exercises)
NOTE2:  The wall climb starts with chest and thighs on the ground with feet against the wall.  Use your hands to propel your body back and up until you are in a handstand position - walk hands back out until chest and thighs are on the floor, that's one rep.

Post rounds complete, partner name, and any relatives who served in WWII to comments.

Tuesday, 6 December

For all the Fran fans out there...this should be right up your alley!

5 Rounds for time:
9 x thrusters (95/65)
9 x pull-ups

NOTE:  Scale load as needed in order to maintain intensity!

Post time to comments.

Monday, 5 December

Beat Navy!  Let's start the week off right with a little trot!  Strap on your reflective belt and let's do it!

Run 5km

NOTE: Let's meet in the '62 room to warm-up briefly and then we will head out to run at 0540.
NOTE2:  The run route starts in front of the Comm's House and then you run to Lee Gate, touch it, and then head back to the Comm's house.  
NOTE3:  Watch out for traffic!  Don't assume drivers see you! 

Post time to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 3 - 4 December

Rest days!  Get ready for another awesome week starting Monday morning.

Friday, 2 December

First a humorous picture of why T Rex doesn't do CrossFit (and therefore went extinct!)

If you tried out yesterday (nice work Sean!), you can give yourself a bit of a break and do yesterday's WOD (250 sit-ups for time w/ 15 push-ups at each rest), or you can do today's.

 5 x Weighted pull-ups (20/12)
20 x Double-unders

Rest a few minutes,

then run 1 mile for time.

NOTE:   A few options for the run route - outdoors - start at front of Arvin run to Koscuiko's Monument and back, or indoors - 4 x gym loops or treadmill
NOTE2:  If running outdoors, be sure to wear your reflective belt and watch out for traffic.

Post number of rounds complete and time for the run.