Wednesday, 1 February

On FRIDAY our WOD will be at Gillis Field House at 0530 in the morning.  Gillis is currently open Mon, Wed, and Fri from 0530 - 0730.  We will use the track on Friday, so plan ahead.

Today's WOD will be an individual effort, but done in teams of 4 in order to save space and resources.

Teams of 4
4 Rounds with 1 minute per exercise w/ 30 secs rest in between
Wall climbs
Push-press (75/45)
Burpee Box Jumps
20 meter sprints

NOTE:  After 1 minute of the exercise, you will rest 30 seconds while recording your individual score and rotating to the next exercise.  It does not matter what exercise you start with, but you should maintain a consistent rotation so that others in your group are not confused

Tuesday, 31 January

5 rounds for time

10 x squat cleans (95/65)
Run Stairway to Heaven

Post time to comments.

Monday, 30 January

Let's meet in the '62 room to warm up and then we will head to Hayes Gym for a two part WOD.

Part I - AMRAP 2 - Handstand push-ups - check out this awesome video with HSPU progressions and technique -


Part II - AMRAP 15 - Rope climb (15 feet) - compare to 29 AUG 2011

NOTE 1:  If you are an advanced rope climber, then start from the seated position.
NOTE 2:  If you don't have a rope to climb, do as many towel pull-ups as possible and post total number to comments.

Post total number HSPUs and rope climb ascents to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 28 - 29 January

Rest days.  Enjoy your weekend and get ready to get after it on Monday!

Friday, 27 January


Overhead squats

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD.  Focus on technique.

Post loads to comments.

Thursday, 26 January

Morning crew, we will warm-up and brief the WOD in the '62 room and then we will find a spot in Hayes to do the WOD in place with more room.

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:
Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 25 January

Partner up for this WOD.


Person A:  Run 1 x super gym loop (600 meters)
Person B: 15 x knees to elbows & 10 x ground to overhead (115/75)*
Once Person A returns, switch roles

NOTE:  The partner who finishes first gets to rest until the other finishes.
NOTE2:  the super gym loop goes from the basement to the top floor with the same running route
NOTE3: *if you looked at the post already, I mistakeningly had thrusters instead of GTO.  Sorry for the confusion - edit made at 10:13pm

Post partner's name and number of rounds complete to comments.

Tuesday, 24 January

5 Rounds for Time

5 x Ring pull-ups
12 x Wallball shots (20/14)

Post time to comments.

Monday, 23 January

Run, Ride, and Rope

Run max distance in 5 minutes on the treadmill
    Rest 5 minutes
Ride max distance in 5 minutes on stationary bike
    Rest 5 minutes
Max reps of double-unders (or single unders or tuck jumps) in 5 minutes

Post distances and number of double-unders to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 21 - 22 January

Rest days - enjoy your weekend and the snow!

There is going to be a CrossFit throwdown in Albany, NY on 11 FEB for anyone interested.   I know a few folks from B&G might be entering.  Cost is $50 and I'm sure we can carpool if anyone is interested.  For the cadets, you will have to use a pass since it's outside the limits of OPPs.  If you REALLY want to go in order to compete, but don't have a pass, let me know.  I can probably work something out with your TAC.
 Check it out:

Friday, January 20

After a tough week, it's time to focus on some skill work.

This morning work on muscle-ups and handstand push-ups.  Work muscle-up progressions and spend some time with HSPUs.  Also,  work on GHD sit-ups.

Post activities to comments.  If you get your first muscle-up, let everyone know!

Thursday, January 19

In the morning, I may not make it in (sick as a dog right now), so if I don't, MAJ Radik will be running the show.  Sorry if I can't make it in, you all fire me up!!


Run 1 mile

then rest for 3 minutes

4 x front squat (95/65)
4 x sumo deadlift high-pull (95/65)

NOTE:  For the run you have options - either run outside from Arvin to Koszcuiko's Monument and back (wear your reflective belt!), run on the treadmill, run 4 x gym loops, or run 11.7 laps on the Hayes Track.
NOTE2:  Scale weight as needed - your legs will be tired!

Post time for run and number of rounds complete to comments.

Wednesday, 18 January

Round robin WOD in groups of 3

This is an individual WOD, but in order to conserve space and equipment, it will be done in a group of 3 folks.  Each person in the group will start with a different exercise and rotate through so that at the end of the round, all 3 folks have done all 3 exercises.  The group then rests for 1 minute and then repeats the sequence another 3 times.  Try to get in a group of people with similar strength so one barbell can be used for the group.  If you need to scale, then by all means, scale. 

Do AMRAP 1 for each event

4 Rounds for max reps of:
Power clean (95/65)
Double-unders (sub with tuck jumps or single-unders)
Strict pull-ups
Rest 1 minute

NOTE:  One minute timer will continously run, so for max score you will need to minimize transition time between events. 

Post total number of reps for all events to comments.

Tuesday, 17 January

"Half and half"

For this WOD, we will break up the rep scheme so that you do half of the work before running up the Stairway to Heaven and half the work at the top, before returning to the start.

Start and finish at the basement level so you will return the FULL stairway each time!

50-40-30-20-10 - Push-ups and Stairway to Heaven (STH) run

Which means: 25 push-ups, then run to top of STH, 25 push-ups at the top, then return to the start.  Then 20 push-ups, run STH, 20 push-ups at the top, run down to start, etc. - remember to split the rep scheme so half at the bottom and half at the top of the STH.

NOTE:  You can skip steps, do single steps, etc., but do not use the handrail on the way UP!!  Skipping steps is okay because at the top you do the same amount of work (vertical distance climbed) regardless of how many steps you do at once!!

Post time to comments.

Monday, 16 January

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  On Monday morning the '62 room will open at 0900 for those who are around and available.  If you are out and about, then do something to break a sweat!

Today we will do the CrossFit Total +

CrossFit Total PLUS:
1 rep max of:
Back squat
Shoulder press
Bench Press*

Please check out the CrossFit Journal article on the rules of the CF Total.  It is one that you will want to save for future use.CrossFit Total Article

NOTE:  CF Total only includes Back Squat, shoulder press, and deadlift, but for the Plus version, we will also add bench press.
NOTE2:  As stated in the CF Total Article above, you will warm-up and work your way to a 1 rep max for each lift.
NOTE3:  USE A SPOTTER!!!  You should never attempt a 1 rep max on bench press without using a spotter.

Compare to: 4 July 2011 (we didn't do the bench press on 4 July)

Post loads to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 14 - 15 January

Rest days.

Get ready for another awesome week!

Friday, 13 January

We will meet in the '62 room to warm up and then move up to Hayes Gym for the WOD.

4 rounds for time:
Run 800 meters (6 laps on the Hayes Track)
Rest 2 minutes

Compare to 31 JAN 2011

NOTE:  Constantly running clock and time stops after the 4th run (don't count final 2 minutes of rest)

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 12 January

5 x deadlift (see load by category below)
7 x knees to elbows
9 x burpees

** Loads vary by deadlifting experience
                  beginner = body weight - 50 lbs.
                  intermediate = bodyweight
                  advanced = bodyweight + 50 lbs.
NOTE:  As always, scale weight to your ability level, even if that means you do less than as prescribed above.  Don't hurt yourself by doing more than you should.

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Wednesday, 11 January

5 Rounds for Time:
12 x Push press (95/65)
12 x Rowers (ab exercise)
24 x Double-unders (3:1 sub single-under for D/U or 1:1 sub with tuck jumps)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 10 January

In anticipation of another big crowd in the '62 room, I had to modify it a bit and turn it into a partner WOD to help conserve resources.  It should still be an awesome one!
Partner WOD

2 Rounds for Time & max reps
Person A: Kettlebell swings (53/35) - max # until partner returns
Person B: Run Stairway to Heaven
Switch roles (A = Stairway, B = KBS), then
Person A: Medball cleans (20/14)
Person B: Run Stairway to Heaven
Switch roles (A = Stairway, B = MBC)

NOTE:  Each round each person will do KBS, 2 x Stairways, and MBC.  In total each person will do 2 x sets of KBS, run 4 x Stairway to Heaven, and 2 x sets of MBC.
Calculate score = Total number of reps completed (both people, both exercises) / total time (convert to seconds) required to complete.

Post partner's name and score to comments.

Monday, 9 January

Welcome back to the Academic Year!  Hopefully everyone is rested and ready to battle with the Dean once again!  Start the semester off right by making a commitment to personal physical development and set that alarm for any early wake-up!

As you look at the semester ahead, try to manage your time wisely so that you can get all your work done in a timely manner AND get to bed at a reasonable time!  If you routinely stay up until after midnight, it makes it harder for you to get in the gym at 0530 and over time the lack of sleep will negatively effect your performance in the gym and in the classroom!   Both your mind and body need sufficient sleep for optimal performance!  Can you get away with sleeping 4 - 6 hours every night?  You certainly can, but your academic and physical performance will be measurably less than if you could get 6 - 8 hours of sleep every night.  Roommate keep you up late?  Drag them to Black and Gold with the early crew and I can guarantee they will be tired enough to go to bed at a reasonable hour!  

Okay, enough preaching to the choir!  See you all in the morning for the WOD!  

As for the photo contest, voting was extremely close, but Erin M. won by ONE VOTE!!!!!  Every vote counts in this race!  Thanks to all contributors and voters!!!


Cindy - AMRAP 20 - compare to 17 JAN 2011
5 x pull-ups
10 x push-ups
15 x air squats (touch and go your butt to a med ball to ensure full range of motion)

NOTE:  This is a killer workout and your hands can get punished if you are not careful.  Tape your hands, use chalk, wear lifting gloves, etc.  
NOTE2:  Pull-ups can either be strict or kipping with hands facing anyway you want (towards you, away, or mixed) - start with arms fully extended and get your chin above the bar.  Push-ups - touch your chest to the ground and then go to full lock out with arms.  
Scaling options - you can use jumping pull-ups or green assistance band if needed to maintain intensity; for push-ups you can drop to your knees; 

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Saturday - Sunday, 7 - 8 January

Rest days...but remember to VOTE for your favorite picture that was listed on Friday, 6 January.

Send votes to:

Winner will be announced on Sunday night and t-shirt hand-off ceremony will be on Monday morning!

Enjoy your last weekend of freedom before academics start on Monday!!!

Friday, 6 January

Check out the pix from CrossFit over Christmas.  Some very entertaining ones!  Please vote by sending an email to  Voting is open between now and Sunday night when the WOD posts at 6 pm.  I will tally up votes at that time and the winner will receive their shirt on Monday morning!!
Erin M climbing indoors
Erin M climbing outdoors
Mickey with the Shake Weight

Adam is attacked by his son and niece while doing HSPUs

Santa Sean gives a great gift

Friday WOD:

Warm up - for time:  15 x air squat (unweighted), 15 x front squat w/ 20 lbs. medicine ball, 15 x overhead squat with PVC pipe.

5-5-3-3-2-1 reps of
Back squat

NOTE:   There is no time component to the WOD, focus on proper form and work with a partner.

Post loads to comments.

Thursday, 5 January

For today's WOD we will warm-up in the '62 room and then move to Hayes gym for the WOD.

Warm-up: 3 rounds, max time in handstand hold.  Rest 1 minute between each attempt.

Rope climb (15')
Run 200 meters (2.5 laps on the track)
Rest 1 minute (rest time starts at end of lap, so rest while walking down stairs and back to ropes for start of next round)

Post number of rounds to comments.

Wednesday, 4 January

Welcome back everyone!  I hope the morning crew can make it to the '62 Room at 0530.  I'm not sure what the  schedule looks like or when cadet formations will be held, but I'm planning for a 0530 kick-off each day.

Reminder - LAST CHANCE to send in Christmas Leave CrossFit photos.  Right now I have a few and I will post them on Thursday night for voting.  Winner gets an old school B&G t-shirt!  Send pix to:

Wednesday WOD:

4 rounds for time:
25 x double-unders (sub 1:3 single-unders)
25 x sit-ups (feet anchored; APFT standard)
25 x wall ball shots (20/14 lbs. @ 10' target)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 3 January

I know a lot of folks are traveling and may not be able to make it in, but do what you can, when you can, where you can!

Tuesday's WOD:

21-15-9 reps of:
Ring push-ups (have rings about 6 inches off the ground, feet on the ground, body rigid)
Deadlifts (load = your body weight - i.e. if you weight 185 lbs. then slap on 2 x 45s and 2 x 25s on the bar)

Post time and load to comments.

Monday, 2 January


Well, the break is coming to an end and I hope everyone is excited to get back after it!  Remember the key to success with CrossFit is CONSISTENCY and that means you have to make a commitment to do it EVERY day.  Our 5 days on, 2 days off methodology will get you in the best shape of your life, if you trust the process, practice the fundamentals, and join us daily at 0530 in the '62 room!   The toughest part is getting started and it typically takes 4 - 6 months to get 'good' at most of the lifts and skills, and many years to become 'great.'  Improvements may come quickly for some and slower for others, but in the end, those who stick with it over time will see the best overall gains.  If you show up only 2 - 3 times a month, then you are missing out and won't see the benefits that those who are there 4 - 5 times a week.

Okay, enough preaching to the choir - the regulars know the deal and know the benefits!

This week is a bit wacky because most folks won't be back until Tuesday, so Wednesday will likely be the first day with the entire morning crew.  I will be in the '62 room on Tuesday morning, assuming it is open early.  I'm heading by Arvin tomorrow to scout out the hours for Mon - Wed and I will post tomorrow night.

Monday's WOD -

Run 5km

If you are still at home, measure out the distance with your car, use the new fancy GPS watch you got for Christmas, etc.   If you are back at West Point, then run from the Comm's House to Lee Gate and back.  If you don't have any way to measure distance, then run for between 20 - 25 minutes at the fastest pace you can maintain!

Post time to comments.