Monday, 16 January

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.  On Monday morning the '62 room will open at 0900 for those who are around and available.  If you are out and about, then do something to break a sweat!

Today we will do the CrossFit Total +

CrossFit Total PLUS:
1 rep max of:
Back squat
Shoulder press
Bench Press*

Please check out the CrossFit Journal article on the rules of the CF Total.  It is one that you will want to save for future use.CrossFit Total Article

NOTE:  CF Total only includes Back Squat, shoulder press, and deadlift, but for the Plus version, we will also add bench press.
NOTE2:  As stated in the CF Total Article above, you will warm-up and work your way to a 1 rep max for each lift.
NOTE3:  USE A SPOTTER!!!  You should never attempt a 1 rep max on bench press without using a spotter.

Compare to: 4 July 2011 (we didn't do the bench press on 4 July)

Post loads to comments.


Adam said...

I should be in at 0900 in the morning, I hope to see some folks there.

Mickey said...

Finally something I pretty good at and I'm halfway across the country.

Mickey said...

Ps. The author of that article wrote a really good book called Starting Strength...good info for form and what not on the big lifts. Anybody wants to borrow it just shoot me an email.

jck said...

Lifted to 3000# on bench and squat instead. It has been a long time since I just lifted.

Will Tucker said...

I discovered my little chicken legs need some work.

As does my back no doubt. All of these weights are in kilograms

Squat- 106

I'm not necessarily sure if this is my true max because the French weightroom I'm in (reminds me of the first reg weight room minus the sweltering temperature and deafening music) doesn't have a squat rack with a safety bar on it so I was doing these completely free and was a little apprehensive about pushing a bit too far.

Shoulder Press- 50

Deadlift- 116

Would have felt better with a belt. I hope my back isn't in complete agony tomorrow.

Bench Press- 90

I tried for 96 but faltered. For some reason my chest felt off though (shoulder press maybe?) and I think I can do better on this.

Adam said...

Will - way to get after it even in a poorly equipped weight room!

Great morning with Sean and Erin - it was nice to have plenty of time to warm-up and work toward our max efforts!

For me:
Squat: 235 (+5 from July)
Press: 145 (-10 from July)
Deadlift: 315 (PR; +40 from July)
Bench: 250

CF Total: 695
CF Total Plus: 945

Next time I will break 1000 for Total Plus!!!

MikeRothenb said...

i did bench and squat a few days ago, so i just did max deadlift for 335lbs (pr!)

did some skill work with "skin the cat" and walking with 95lbs overhead.

njc said...

wow, screwed that one up. Arvin closed as soon as I got to the Deadlift.

Squat: 235 (PR)
Press: 130

i'll try to finish this up (or do it all over again) tomorrow or next week.

ErinM said...

Thanks to Sean and Major Grim for the help.

Humbling WOD for me.
Squat: 120
Shoulder press: 65
Deadlift: 155 (PR by 15)
Bench: 75

Crossfit Total: 340
Total Plus: 415

jswobe said...

Made this up on Tuesday (with the "half and half" afterward!):

Squat: 275
Press: 135
Deadlift: 315

Total: 725

All of my weights are down from July, but I didn't push it too hard. I wanted to see how it felt to do those weights first. Still comin' back...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD