Monday, 1 OCTOBER 2012

Announcements:  West Point MWR presents "West Point WOD for Warriors", 9 November 2012, Friday evening here at West Point.  MWR is looking to expand beyond the typical 5 km races and the event is open to all Cadets, members of the West Point community, and the surrounding area (NYC, etc.). Mark your calendars now!  Registration is coming soon - for $30 you get a t-shirt & a spot in the competition held at Building 500 (near the hospital).  There will be both a recreational and competition division.  Within the recreational division, there are scaled options for all ability levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - so even if you are not ready to throw down as rx'd on the WOD, you can still compete, and get an awesome West Point WOD for Warriors t-shirt.  The Competition division will be as prescribed, performance judged by a grader, and athletes will compete for various prizes.  If interested in helping out as a grader (can still compete in recreational division), please let me know -

Equipment needed:  1 x medicine ball per pair; after the WOD, select a kettlebell of your choice

Warm-up and instruction:  10 minutes - split group in half for 5 minutes of instruction on each event.
Kettlebell swings - demo and instruction (Matt)
Wall ball shots - demo and instruction (Adam)

WOD:  Today's WOD is a partner WOD, so pair up with someone who is about your same ability level and get after it!

20 x wall ball shots (20/14) at 10' target
Switch with partner and rest until they complete 20.

NOTE: After each person has completed 20 WBS, that is ONE round complete.

Rest 2 minutes and then do the cash out challenge.

Kettlebell swings - select the weight of your choice

Post partner's name, number of rounds complete for the partner WOD, and then weight and reps completed with the kettlebell swings.

Saturday & Sunday

Rest days!

Have a great weekend, rest up and get ready for Monday!!

Mark your calendar now for the West Point "WOD for Warriors" CrossFit competition on the evening of 9 November (Friday evening).  The event will be run by West Point MWR.  Sign-ups will begin soon and it is expected that it will reach capacity very quickly.  There will be a competitive division that competes for prizes and a recreational division for those who want to do the WOD, but don't feel they are ready to do the WOD as prescribed and face off against other firebreathers.  The WOD is open to anyone at West Point and in the surrounding area.  We are inviting other CrossFit affiliates in the area to send competitors.

If you are interested in participating in either the competitive or recreational division, then please sign up and spread the word to friends.  All those who participate get a WOD for Warriors t-shirt and the chance to see how they stack up against all the other CrossFitters in the area!!  More details are coming soon!!!!!1

Friday, 28 SEPTEMBER 2012

Today we will meet up in the '62 Room to warm-up and then step off about 0545 or so.  Bring your reflective belt and some early morning motivation!!

Run 5km for time.

NOTE:  Route - start in front of the Comm's House at the light pole.  Run to Lee Gate and return to the start point. Stay on the side walk the entire time and be careful when you cross the street.

Compare to:  7 AUGUST 2012

Post time to comments.

Thursday, 27 SEPTEMBER 2012

Equipment required:  1 x barbell per person with necessary weights

Warm-up and instruction: 10 minutes total - demo movements and then everyone practices each; this morning I will select cadets to demo and provide points of performance for the Air make sure you review in advance!!

Deadlift - demo (Matt) and points of performance (Adam)
Air squat - demo (randomly selected cadet) & points of performance (randomly selected cadet)


Today's WOD comes from Leigh Gust's blog.  They do some awesome WODs...check out their site.

For time and reps:

Max reps of push-ups
2 x deadlift (275/185)
50 x air squats (touch and go w/ butt on the medicine ball)
4 x deadlift
40 x air squats
6 x deadlift
30 x air squats
8 x deadlift
20 x air squats
10 x deadlift
10 x air squats
Max reps of push-ups

NOTE:  Scale as needed, the deadlifts are heavy!

Scoring - Convert your completion time to seconds.  Subtract the total number of push-ups from your overall time.  Like golf, a lower score is better.  For example, if it took you 10 minutes (600 seconds) to complete and you did 50 push-ups and then 40 push-ups, your score would be: 600 seconds - 90 push-ups = 510 // ANS

Post score to comments.

Wednesday 26 SEPTEMBER 2012

Announcement:  Drink water!!!!!!

Equipment required:  1 x medicine ball per person + motivation

Warm-up and instruction:  10 minutes total - 5 minutes per group to learn and practice and then switch.
Medicine ball cleans - Matt
Knees to elbows - Adam


For time:
Run 800 meters (2 x Comm's Loops)
50 x Knees to elbows
50 x weighted sit-ups (20/14)
Run 800 meters (2 x Comm's Loops)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 25 SEPTEMBER 2012

Announcement:  Please ensure you are hydrating well prior to the workout.  You should drink a lot of water before going to bed.  Right when you wake up, you should down at least a medium sized cup of water.  After the WOD you also need to drink a lot of water.  You need to be well hydrated for peak performance - it will help you during the WOD and will help you recover more quickly after the WOD!!

Equipment required:  1 x barbell per person and BRING YOUR JUMP ROPE if you have one!!!

Warm-up and instruction:  10 minutes total - 5 minutes per group to learn and practice and then switch.
Overhead squat demo and points of performance - Matt
Double-unders demo and tips - Adam


15 x overhead squat (75/45)
35 x double-unders (3:1 single-under or 1:1 tuck jumps)

rest exactly 2 minutes and then

Run the Stairway to Heaven (start at the bottom & one round is going all the way to the top and returning to the bottom).

NOTE:  If you are not at West Point, you can substitute the Stairway to Heaven with stadium steps or by climbing 6 flights of stairs if available.

Post number of rounds complete for each WOD to comments.

Monday, 24 SEPTEMBER 2012


Black and Gold t-shirts are going fast.  I am currently out of XL, but still have plenty of Medium and Large shirts.  If you are interested, please let me know.

This weekend several Black and Gold members got to together to eat some chow and watch the Army game.  Army ended up a few points short, but we still had a good time.

Okay, so now that everyone ate way too much ice cream, let's talk about the WOD!

This morning we will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then depending on space, we may move up to Hayes Gym.


Today's WOD is simple, yet I guarantee it will be challenging, regardless of your ability level.  Prior to starting pick which level you are doing and then STICK WITH IT!  This is deceptively tough and so pick your level wisely!!

Push-ups with penalties!

Level 1 (Beast): 200 push-ups + tax for time
Level 2 (Lion Heart): 150 push-ups + tax for time
Level 3 (Super Trooper): 100 push-ups + tax for time
Level 4 (Warrior): 75 push-ups + tax for time

TAX: Every time you break form and rest, then you will knock out 15 sit-ups (APFT standard; feet anchored and hands laced behind your head).  "Rest" is defined as having your knees resting on the ground or if you remove your hands from the ground - APFT push-up standards apply!!  Make sure you get the full range of motion on your push-ups and don't cheat yourself!!

NOTE:  You can choose any rep scheme or strategy that you'd like!  Small sets?  Large sets?  It's up to you!!

Compare to a similar WOD: 23 JULY 2012

Post level selected, strategy employed, and overall time to comments.

Friday, 21 SEPTEMBER 2012

Announcements:  Black and Gold t-shirts are $20.  If interested, please let me know.  Sizes Small - XL available.

Equipment required: 1 x barbell per person with appropriate weight.  If we are short on barbells we will run 2 heats.

Warm-up and instruction:  10 minutes - 5 minutes with each group and then switch
Front squat - instruction and demo (Adam)
Push press - instruction and demo (Matt)


Today will be a bit different, but should be a fun challenge!

Front squat ladder:
For each round you have 1 minute to complete 3 reps.  Once complete with the 3 reps you use the remainder of the minute to rest and change weights.  Your performance terminates once you are unable to complete all 3 reps prior to the minute ending.  The bar starts from the ground.

Men start at 65 lbs., women at 45 lbs, and increase the load by 10 pounds each round.

after completion, REST a few minutes and then do the cash-out if you have time and motivation:

Push press ladder:
Start with 65/45 as above, follow the same procedures, but do push press instead of front squats.

Post number of rounds complete and weight for both ladders to comments.

Thursday, 20 SEPTEMBER 2012

Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirts have arrived.  If you are interested in purchasing one (or more), please email me at  They are $20 each. Specify size(s) [small - XL]

This morning we will meet up in the '62 Room to do an initial warm-up and then we will move upstairs to Hayes Gym for the WOD.


Warm-up and instruction:  Everyone practice rope climbing fundamentals to warm-up, then we will do a WOD brief and demo.


4 rounds for time
3 x rope climbs (15' - middle red line)
30 x push-ups (APFT standard)
30 x sit-ups (anchor your feet if you can)

Demo video from CF - WOD demo (note:  don't short the range of motion on push-ups like the dude in the video; also, put your hands behind your head for the sit-ups)

Compare to CF mainsite WOD on 14 SEPT 2012

Post time to comments.

Wednesday, 19 SEPTEMBER 2012


If you are interested in purchasing a Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirt, they are $20 each.  I have S - XL, just let me know sizes.

Also, all cadets who regularly attend the morning crew at 0530 are invited to lunch and football watching on Saturday at my house.  We will eat at 1130 and then after Army beats Wake Forrest I will drop folks back off at the cadet area.  Please RSVP to: or NLT 1600 on Thursday so I can plan chow accordingly.

For Wednesday:

Equipment required:  1 x barbell per person with appropriate weight

Warm-up and instruction - 10 minutes - split group in half, 5 minutes per group - practice and rotate
Handstand push-ups (Adam demo)
Deadlift (Matt demo)

WOD (starts NLT 0550):

7 rounds for time
5 x handstand push-ups
5 x deadlifts (245/165)
5 x bar facing burpees

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed.
NOTE2:  Scale handstand push-ups to elevated pike push-ups

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 18 SEPTEMBER 2012

Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirts have arrived.  If you are interested in purchasing one (or more), please email me at  They are $20 each. Specify size(s) [small - XL]

Equipment required:  1 x barbell per person with appropriate weight;  If we are crunched for space and equipment, we will have 2 people per barbell.

Warm-up and instruction (10 minutes) - Split group in half with 5 minutes per group for instruction and practice and then rotate groups.
Power clean - points of performance and demo (Matt)
Thruster - points of performance and demo (Adam)

Buy-in/WOD - starts NLT 0550 - we will run 2 heats if needed.


AMRAP 2 - power cleans (115/85)

Rest no more than 5 minutes, then:


5 x thrusters (115/85)
5 x chest to bar pull-ups

Post number of power cleans completed and number of rounds of the WOD completed to comments.

Monday, 17 SEPTEMBER 2012

Black and Gold CrossFit t-shirts have arrived.  If you are interested in purchasing one (or more), please email me at  They are $20 each. Specify size(s) [small - XL]

Shirts are high quality, Next Level t-shirts.  Check the shirts showed off by Sean and Patrick.

Speaking of Sean - everyone wondered why the '62 room was closed on Friday.  Well it was because former President G. W. Bush was in the house working out.  Sean was able to bust through the Secret Service and make it into the '62 Room and met President Bush.  Great stuff!!!

Okay, on to today's WOD.

This morning we will meet up at Shea Stadium (the outdoor track) at 0540 for a partner running WOD.  This WOD will help those who are wanting to improve their 2 mile run time.

We will meet up, warm-up, and partner up.

Run 800 meters (2 laps)
Rest while partner runs 800 meters.

Post partner's name and number of rounds complete to comments.  1 round = each person runs 2 laps.

Friday, 14 SEPTEMBER 2012

It's been the end of a tough we are going to do something different.

Let's meet up in the '62 room at 0530 to warm-up and discuss the WOD. Then depending on how crowded it is, we will either move up to Hayes Gym or knock it out in the '62 room.

Buy-in challenge:  Max time for handstand (wall-supported) hold


Today we will do a version of a 'beat the clock' WOD, but we will change it up a bit.  Here is how it works:

20 x push-ups in a minute for as many minutes as you can complete all 20 push-ups prior to the minute being up.  RULE:  Once you start a set of push-ups, you have to do 20 unbroken or the round doesn't count.  In this case we define 'unbroken' as the APFT standard - you can 'rest' in the up position with back arched, but you cannot rest on your knees or can't remove your hands from the ground. 

An example of what this might look like:  You knock out 20 push-ups in 28 seconds.  You rest, stand up, cheer, stretch, etc. for the remaining 32 seconds of the minute - this is ONE ROUND complete.  Once the 1st minute expires, you knock out 20 more push-ups.  You finish with 30 seconds to go.  You rest, etc. for the remainder of the minute - this is TWO ROUNDS complete.  You continue this sequence until you cannot complete all 20 push-ups (without resting once starting) before the minute expires.  Overall score is number of COMPLETE rounds and number of push-ups completed in the round that you failed to complete (i.e. 4 rounds complete + 16 push-ups)

SCALING OPTION:  If you don't think you can do more than a round or two, you can break up the set of 20 and rest on your knees.  This isn't as prescribed, but will enable you to get a good workout and increase your push-up capacity.  You can also do knee push-ups if you prefer.  Be mindful of your overall volume of push-ups - DO NOT do 6 rounds as rx'd, then 4 rounds with broken up sets, then finish with 5 rounds of knee push-ups - this is a surefire way to injure yourself with an overuse injury!!  Listen to your body, push your limits, but don't be foolish!

5 x strict pull-ups in a minute for as many minutes as you can complete all 5 strict pull-ups prior to the minute being up.  RULE:  Unlike the push-up standards, you CAN drop off the bar to rest.  You may also change your grip (chin-up, mixed, etc.) if you prefer.  You CANNOT kip or use any other method to get above the bar.  Strict pull-ups!!  Otherwise same sequence as above.

SCALING OPTION: Kipping pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, or band-assisted pull-ups.  Once again, be mindful of your volume! 

Post time for handstands and score for each challenge to comments.

Thursday, 13 SEPTEMBER 2012

It will be nice to have the morning crew back together again!  2 modified schedule days in a week is overboard!!

We will meet up in the '62 room, warm-up a bit, discuss the WOD, and then get after it.

Equipment required:  Reflective belt & motivation!  After returning from the run, set-up a few benches and weights as needed.


Run 2 miles for time.

Then rest a few minutes while setting up some benches and weights.

Body weight bench press  (scale weighted as needed; USE A SPOTTER!!)

Cash out:
100 sit-ups for time

NOTE:  2 mile route is 2 laps of the "Lincoln Hall Loop" - Arvin, around Trophy Point, past Lincoln Hall, to the Officer's Club, then cross the street in front of the library, by Patton Statue, across Diagonal Walk, then left to Arvin.

Post time for 2 mile run, number of reps completed of body weight bench press, and time for cash-out to comments.

Wednesday, 12 SEPTEMBER 2012

Once again today there is a modified schedule, so class starts at 0630. As a result, no morning crew.  That being said, no excuses for skipping out!  Get in there later in the day and get after it!

Reminder - continue to recruit fire breathers for the CrossFit competition team to take on Air Force!  Spread the word, bring the best, & dominate the Zoomies on our home turf!

5 rounds for time
5 x ground to overhead (115/75)
10 x knees to elbows
15 x hand release push-ups
20 x air squats
Run 400 meters (Comm's Loop)

Post time to comments.

Tuesday, 11 SEPTEMBER 2012

Today is September 11, the 11 year anniversary of the terrorist attack that changed our world and our way of life.  I can still remember driving to work as a 2LT at Fort Lewis, WA for PT when I heard about the first plane hitting over the radio.  I was watching live coverage of the event in the C/2-3 IN dayroom when the second plane hit.  For those who might be too young to remember 9-11, I've attached a compilation of news footage from that awful day.  Just as our grandparents will never forget the attack on Pearl Harbor, our generation cannot forget the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or the other plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field.

For today's WOD we will remember those lost on 9-11-01.  Firemen, police, first responders, and many others who were not in the Towers at the time of the attack subsequently lost their lives while trying to save others inside the buildings.  MAJ Sam Linn organized an event last year to remember those first responders and here is what he had to say: "I am honoring the brave men of 9/11 by remembering one of their most important lessons- they were ready to meet the calling of the day. Like anyone on the front lines of life, the first responders didn't just wake up on 11 September and have the fortitude and heart to run up hundreds of flights of stairs, carry and help thousands to safety, and fight terrorists for control of an airplane. They were ready...and we can honor them by doing the same."

The challenge consists of a 2,730 fo
ot rope climb, to represent climbing the twin towers (1362 and 1368 feet, respectively). For our 15 foot ropes that is 182 rope climbs!  MAJ Linn did this challenge by himself last year.  Check out this amazing video.

At 0530 we will meet in Hayes Gym of Arvin, do a brief warm-up and then split into teams.  As a team we will do 182 rope climbs (or however many you can complete prior to having to take off).  

Uniform:  ACUs with boots.  The boots and pants WILL save your legs.  Bring gloves, tape, or chalk if needed.

Post team member names and time to complete 182 rope climbs to comments.

Monday, 10 SEPTEMBER 2012

ATTENTION ALL CADETS (and staff & faculty) - Monday has a modified schedule, which means the first class of the day starts at 0630.  As a result, there will sadly be no morning crew!  Wednesday is the same way - two early days so folks have time to learn more about the branches during Branch Week.

ANNOUNCEMENT #2 - Tryouts for competitive CrossFit team - We are getting ready to hold tryouts to select a team of hard core cadets to smoke the Zoomies from Air Force in the annual Black and Blue CrossFit competition.  We are hosting it this year in the '62 room and we WILL NOT lose on our home turf!  Please spread the word among your friends and teammates in the Corps of Cadets.  You do not have to attend the morning WODs in order to try out for the team.  We want the strongest and fastest men and women in the Corps in order to crush Air Force in November!  Details of the competition are still being worked, so consider this a WARNO.  More details about the try outs to follow - please pass the word.  Anyone know who the Brigade athletic officer or Brigade activities officer is?  If so, please email their name: so I can contact them.

Okay, now that my blood is pumping and I'm fired is the WOD.  Just because we aren't meeting at 0530 is NO EXCUSE for not getting after it at some point.  Post your results so we can keep each other in check!!


Front squat
Back squat

NOTE:  Alternate between front and back squats and rest as needed.  This means you will do 5 front squats, rest a bit and do 5 back squats, then do 4 reps of each, etc. until complete.  There is no time component to this WOD.

Post loads to comments.

Saturday & Sunday - REST DAYS

enjoy your weekend - Go Army, Beat Everyone!!!!!!

Friday, 7 SEPTEMBER 2012

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes)
 - Equipment needed: 1 x kettlebell per person.

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics of the kettlebell swing & everyone runs a gym loop to warm-up.
Kettlebell swings coaching (Matt)
Gym loop run (Adam)

WOD (starts NLT 0555)

A classic benchmark to check your progress.  Be sure to post your time to comments so you have a record of your performance.


3 rounds for time
Run Gym Loop (400 meters)
21 x kettlebell swings (53/35)
12 x pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Thursday 6 SEPTEMBER 2012

We will meet up in the '62 room and do a brief warm-up before moving upstairs to discuss the WOD.

Today we will head up to the 2nd floor basketball courts.  This is a twist on an old WOD we did on 29 NOV 2012

Run suicide (see below)
40 x double-unders (4:1 single-unders or 1:1 tuck jumps)
Rest exactly 1 minute 

*Suicide = run from baseline to free throw line and back, then to half court and back, then to far free throw line and back, and then to far baseline and back.

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Wednesday, 5 SEPTEMBER 2012

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes)
 - First priority is to grab rubber blocks and start setting up boxes.  Afterwards grab 1 x medicine ball per person and claim space on the black mat near the white board.

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics of the wall ball shot and then everyone practices
Wall ball points of performance (Adam), demo (Matt)

WOD (starts NLT 0555)

10 x box jumps (24/20)
15 x push-ups
20 x wall ball shots (20/14) at 10' target
25 x sit-ups (APFT standard, feet anchored)

Compare to: 1 DEC 2010

Post number of rounds complete to comments.

Tuesday, 4 SEPTEMBER 2012

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes)
 - Equipment needed: 1 x barbell for every person.  If we are tight on space, we will run two heats.  Also, everyone should bring a jump rope.

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics of the hang power clean & double unders and then everyone practices.  Spend 5 minutes on each and switch.
Hang power clean coaching (Matt)
Double-unders coaching (Adam)

WOD (starts NLT 0555)

PART I:  Spend 7 minutes working up to your 3 rep max on hang power cleans.

5 x hang power cleans (75% of your 3 rep max)
25 x double-unders

Post load for power clean 3 rep max and number of rounds complete to comments.

Monday, 3 SEPTEMBER 2012

I hope everyone has had a GREAT long weekend!!!  Today we are meeting offsite since Arvin doesn't open until 0900.  This WOD is designed to do ANYWHERE, so even if you are on the road and away from West Point, you can knock this one out.

We will meet up at 0800 at Dragon Park (Stony II housing area).  If you need a ride, please email me at no later than Monday morning at 7 am so I can arrange to pick you up.  

There are two parts to the WOD.

PART I:  Tabata Push-ups and Tabata Squats

If you aren't familar with the tabata format, you do 20 seconds of work (i.e. push-ups) and 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds.  Once you've done all 8 rounds of push-ups (takes 4 mins.) then you move immediately to Tabata squats.  Once again, 20 seconds of air squats, 10 seconds of rest, for 8 rounds.

Your score for each exercise is equal to the LOWEST number of reps that you acheived per exercise over the 8 rounds.  For example, if over the 8 rounds of push-ups, if the fewest I do in 20 seconds is 12, then my score is 12.

Rest a few minutes and then knock out Part II.

PART II:  10 rounds for time

6 x box jumps (30 men/24 women inch box)
Run 50 meters
3 x handstand push-ups (scale = elevated pike push-ups)
Run 50 meters

Post Tabata scores and time to comments.