Monday, 24 SEPTEMBER 2012


Black and Gold t-shirts are going fast.  I am currently out of XL, but still have plenty of Medium and Large shirts.  If you are interested, please let me know.

This weekend several Black and Gold members got to together to eat some chow and watch the Army game.  Army ended up a few points short, but we still had a good time.

Okay, so now that everyone ate way too much ice cream, let's talk about the WOD!

This morning we will meet in the '62 Room to warm-up and then depending on space, we may move up to Hayes Gym.


Today's WOD is simple, yet I guarantee it will be challenging, regardless of your ability level.  Prior to starting pick which level you are doing and then STICK WITH IT!  This is deceptively tough and so pick your level wisely!!

Push-ups with penalties!

Level 1 (Beast): 200 push-ups + tax for time
Level 2 (Lion Heart): 150 push-ups + tax for time
Level 3 (Super Trooper): 100 push-ups + tax for time
Level 4 (Warrior): 75 push-ups + tax for time

TAX: Every time you break form and rest, then you will knock out 15 sit-ups (APFT standard; feet anchored and hands laced behind your head).  "Rest" is defined as having your knees resting on the ground or if you remove your hands from the ground - APFT push-up standards apply!!  Make sure you get the full range of motion on your push-ups and don't cheat yourself!!

NOTE:  You can choose any rep scheme or strategy that you'd like!  Small sets?  Large sets?  It's up to you!!

Compare to a similar WOD: 23 JULY 2012

Post level selected, strategy employed, and overall time to comments.


Mickey said...

I have disciplinary boards that I must attend tomorrow morning for people in my plt who failed SAMI. I think i'm going to just knock this out in my room beforehand.

Adam said...

have fun with that

Mickey said...

did the 150 due to time constraints. 9:04 w/ 6 rounds of rest/situps.

Used an abmat.

That sucked a lot more than i remember it sucking.

Joe W said...

LVL1 (200): 14:35 rx.

Adam said...

I had to go Beast mode with 200. 13:18 with feet unanchored on the sit-ups (80 + 20x6) - core was smoked at the end.

About 2 minutes faster than July with the pull-up tax.

Great showing on a Monday by the morning crew! Keep up the fire!!

Matt said...


Did 200.

10:43 with 75 sit-ups

ErinM said...

Humbling. Tried really hard to do it as if it was the APFT you never wish to have, touching chin and chest to ground. As a result, I did about 10 reps per round and a lot of sit-ups. 150 push-ups, 22:53, and 210 sit-ups.

Unknown said...

200 push ups in 11:52, + 75 sit ups.

Nate said...

12:52. 150 pushups, 90 situps.

JC said...

Met the intent, but not as quite as rx'd:

200 PUs no time; assorted ab exercises during rest periods.

jswobe said...


failed to keep track of the sit-ups...