Friday, 14 SEPTEMBER 2012

It's been the end of a tough we are going to do something different.

Let's meet up in the '62 room at 0530 to warm-up and discuss the WOD. Then depending on how crowded it is, we will either move up to Hayes Gym or knock it out in the '62 room.

Buy-in challenge:  Max time for handstand (wall-supported) hold


Today we will do a version of a 'beat the clock' WOD, but we will change it up a bit.  Here is how it works:

20 x push-ups in a minute for as many minutes as you can complete all 20 push-ups prior to the minute being up.  RULE:  Once you start a set of push-ups, you have to do 20 unbroken or the round doesn't count.  In this case we define 'unbroken' as the APFT standard - you can 'rest' in the up position with back arched, but you cannot rest on your knees or can't remove your hands from the ground. 

An example of what this might look like:  You knock out 20 push-ups in 28 seconds.  You rest, stand up, cheer, stretch, etc. for the remaining 32 seconds of the minute - this is ONE ROUND complete.  Once the 1st minute expires, you knock out 20 more push-ups.  You finish with 30 seconds to go.  You rest, etc. for the remainder of the minute - this is TWO ROUNDS complete.  You continue this sequence until you cannot complete all 20 push-ups (without resting once starting) before the minute expires.  Overall score is number of COMPLETE rounds and number of push-ups completed in the round that you failed to complete (i.e. 4 rounds complete + 16 push-ups)

SCALING OPTION:  If you don't think you can do more than a round or two, you can break up the set of 20 and rest on your knees.  This isn't as prescribed, but will enable you to get a good workout and increase your push-up capacity.  You can also do knee push-ups if you prefer.  Be mindful of your overall volume of push-ups - DO NOT do 6 rounds as rx'd, then 4 rounds with broken up sets, then finish with 5 rounds of knee push-ups - this is a surefire way to injure yourself with an overuse injury!!  Listen to your body, push your limits, but don't be foolish!

5 x strict pull-ups in a minute for as many minutes as you can complete all 5 strict pull-ups prior to the minute being up.  RULE:  Unlike the push-up standards, you CAN drop off the bar to rest.  You may also change your grip (chin-up, mixed, etc.) if you prefer.  You CANNOT kip or use any other method to get above the bar.  Strict pull-ups!!  Otherwise same sequence as above.

SCALING OPTION: Kipping pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, or band-assisted pull-ups.  Once again, be mindful of your volume! 

Post time for handstands and score for each challenge to comments.


Matt said...


Great WOD today.

Handstand: 2:00 (PR)
Push-ups: 10 rounds + 3 (203)
Pull-ups: Because of time I had to stop at 20 rounds. I did 12 pu on my 20th round.

JC said...

HS: 1:02
PSU: 8 rounds +13 (173)
PLU: 3 rounds + 6 @ 10/round (36)

Adam said...

HS: 1:45
Push-ups: 7 rounds + 16 (156)
Pull-ups: 11 rounds + 4 (59) - all rounds unbroken through 9 rounds

Great work by everyone this morning at the end of a tough week!

Mickey said...

Handstand: 1:40 (PR i think)
PSU: 5 r + 13
PLU: 8 rounds even

jck said...

Handstand: 0:53
PSU: 3r + 18
PLU: 5 rds + 2

ErinM said...

That was a good one.

Handstand: 2:35
Push-ups: 5 rounds + 11
Pull-ups: 6 rounds kipping with slow negatives.

jswobe said...

HS hold: 60 secs

Push-ups: 5 rds + 18 resp

Pull-ups: 18 rds + 4 reps