Friday, 7 SEPTEMBER 2012

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes)
 - Equipment needed: 1 x kettlebell per person.

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics of the kettlebell swing & everyone runs a gym loop to warm-up.
Kettlebell swings coaching (Matt)
Gym loop run (Adam)

WOD (starts NLT 0555)

A classic benchmark to check your progress.  Be sure to post your time to comments so you have a record of your performance.


3 rounds for time
Run Gym Loop (400 meters)
21 x kettlebell swings (53/35)
12 x pull-ups

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

compare to:

jck said...

will be in San Diego for the game. Beat the Aztecs

Adam said...

10:16 as rx'd (PR)

about a minute better than Oct 2011 and :19 second PR from July 2011

Nice push by a big crew this morning! Gripped was SMOKED!

Next time my goal is sub 10!

Trent said...


JC said...

9:33 as rx'd (PR)

First Helen on record for me.

Started the day with an hour of BTD Ultimate Football and 2 mile run. I was nice and warm by the time that I got to the WOD.

Nate said...


Mickey said...

felt awful this morning when i woke up. Just made up the wod.

11:06 RX (PR but only because it was the first time i've ever done this)

Matt said...


I was ten seconds slower this time, but it felt like I pushed harder. I hit a wall on the third round run.

As Rx'd: 9:12

MadFitter said...

7:49 Rx'd Not a PR but it felt pretty good since the day before i did "MANION" my legs were super sore.

Good Job to every one, keep up the hard work its paying off! Thanks for your service dudes!

jswobe said...


I actually did four rounds by mistake. By pure happenstance I checked my watch at the end of round 3, and it was 11:08. (Finished the fourth round at 15:33...)

The third run did me in. Everything else felt great...