Tuesday, 7 AUGUST 2012

Today we will meet up in the '62 Room to warm-up and then step off about 0545 or so.  Bring your reflective belt and some early morning motivation!!

Run 5km for time.

NOTE:  Route - start in front of the Comm's House at the light pole.  Run to Lee Gate and return to the start point. Stay on the side walk the entire time and be careful when you cross the street.

Compare to:  13 APRIL 2012

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

it was a perfect morning for running outside. Nice push by Matt in the last 200 meters to cruise past me. I finally reversed my slide in the 5k and improved by nearly 30 seconds from April.


Matt said...


On 6 March 2012 I ran a 21:05. I couldn't match that today. It is all in my head because I have the capacity to run faster.


Mickey said...

Took a day off. Going up north for the rest of the week. Ill be doing bodyweight wods but probably wont be able to get internet.

Joe W said...

Ran it after work this evening, reverse route. 24:36 rx.

jswobe said...