Thursday, 16 AUGUST 2012

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes) - 1 x barbell for each set of partners with 95 lbs. (men) and 65 lbs. (women); set-up rings on pull-up bars; do not put weights on bar until after teaching & warm-up

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics and then everyone practices - split group in half and rotate after 5 minutes to other group.  After coaching, provide 5 minutes for individual practice of front squat under load.
Ring dips (Adam teaches & coaches)
Front Squat (Matt teaches & coaches)

WOD (brief and demo starts NLT 0555)

Partner WOD - find another person of about equal strength and ability

Front squat (95/65)
Ring dips

Concept:  This is a partner WOD and only ONE person from the terrible twosome does the prescribed work while the other person "rests."  "Resting" is defined as being full inverted in a wall supported handstand position (advanced) or holding a plank in an elevated front leaning rest position (intermediate and novice).  Once a person needs to take a break from doing the work OR when the person "resting" needs to take a break, you will rotate positions and pick up where your partner left off.  Reps do not count unless your partner is "resting" as prescribed.  Switch as often as needed, but the clock continues to run until as a team you complete the prescribed work.

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed based on your ability.
NOTE2:  Scale ring dips to straight bar dips or band/machine assisted dips if needed.

Post time and partner's name to comments.


Mickey said...

w/ Andrew Bovard

10:54 rx squats.

Dips were mix of strict, kipping, and jumping.

Joe W said...

10:13 rx.

Mike said...

Sorry I missed you guys this morning, needed to make sure I have fresh legs for the Math Department's Old vs New faculty softball game. Newbies havent won in over 10 years.

See you tomorrow.

Patrick said...

Good old drug test this morning. Sorry I couldn't make it.

ErinM said...

w/ Nathan Davis

13:31, 65lb, scaled to a mix of straight bar and jumping dips

Adam said...

I partnered with Matt

9:10 as rx'd.

I'm really glad Matt was able to do most of the work the first round, that was awesome!

It was great to see a big crew in there this morning! Keep up the fire!!!

JC said...

9:23 solo

I think the WOD might have been easier solo. More reps but got rid of the painful " rest".

Finished with some dead lifts: Topped out at 325