Thursday, 9 AUGUST 2012

I stole this one from the CrossFit mainsite from a few weeks back.  It is a bit different, but should be challenging!

4 rounds for time
30 x jump and touch (see below)
20 x deadlift (185/135)
10 x handstand push-ups

NOTE:  For the jump and touch, hang a ring exactly 12 inches above your reach.  Jump with both feet, touch the ring, and repeat.  If you miss the ring, the rep doesn't count.  Scale by either lowering the height of the ring or doing fewer reps at the prescribed height.
NOTE2:  Scale weight for deadlifts as needed - 80 reps is a lot of reps!!
NOTE3:  Scale HSPU with pike push-ups or elevated push-ups as needed.

Post time to comments.


Joe W said...

24:46 rx

Adam said...

I'm very glad I had friends in the gym this morning, otherwise I might have skipped out or decided to go less than Rx!

I can't remember my time, but I think it was 17:18 or something like that. I finished after Matt by a fair margin.

Matt said...


That was a smoker. It never let up.

As Rx'd: 15:53

jswobe said...

Great WOD

19:07 as RX'd

The deadlifts were tough, and the HSPU's were demoralizing. BUT - I was able to kip through them all (even if the sets were broken!).