Friday, 31 AUGUST 2012

Equipment needed:  1 x barbell in rack per 3 people; 1 x barbell on the floor per 3 people

Teaching and practice (10 minutes) - split group in half, teach and practice all exercises and then switch after 5 minutes
Matt - teach & coach back squat - pick an experienced athlete to demo
Adam - teach & coach deadlift - pick an experienced athlete to demo

WOD starts NLT 0555

Back squat - 5 - 5 - 3 - 3
Deadlift - 5 - 5 - 3 - 3

alternate between back squats and deadlift (i.e. 5 back squat, then 5 deadlift)

NOTE:  There is no time component to this WOD, so rest as needed and focus on your technique.

Compare to: 16 APRIL 2012

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Mickey said...

Squats: 165/175/185/205
Deads: 185/205/225/245

Need to work on my back and legs more. Lost a lot of strength over the summer.

Adam said...

sorry to miss the morning crew, but I did this one in my garage this morning in order to spend a little more time with my family who came into town last night.

Back squat: 185-195-205-225
DL: 245-255-275-285

I don't have bumper plates at home and the plates are smaller in diameter than the ones in the '62 room, so it took a bit more to get the weight off the floor!

Matt said...


Back squat: 195-215-235-255(1 rep)
Dead lift: 285-305-325-345

ErinM said...

Still trying to figure out the weight room situation here. In lieu of squatting:
10,9,8...1 Burpees
2,4,6....20 Sit-ups
Alternate exercises

Then 35ish minute run (between 6 and 8 km)

jswobe said...

Squat: 195, 225, 245, 265
DL: 250, 275, 315, 340

Improvements on the DL. I didn't pay enough attention to my previous weights and did the same today for the squats. Oops...