Wednesday, 29 AUGUST 2012

Equipment needed:  Set up rings on pull-up rig;  1 x kettlebell or dumb bell per person.

Teaching and practice (10 minutes) - split group in half, teach and practice all exercises and then switch after 5 minutes
Matt - teach & coach kettlebell swings & goblet squats
Adam - teach & coach ring push-ups & weighted sit-ups

WOD starts NLT 0550

Bell Ringer (-)

Kettlebell swings (53/35 lbs.)
Goblet squat with kettlebell
Ring push-ups - set rings about 6 inches off the ground and do push-ups with hands in rings
Weighted sit-ups (20/14 med ball)

Compare to:  21 JUNE 2011

NOTE:  For 21 JUNE we used GHD sit-ups, which we currently can't do in the '62 room, so comparison times aren't exactly equivalent.
NOTE2:  In the interest of time and equipment required, we are NOT doing the AMRAP 1 of body weight bench press that we did on 21 JUNE.

Post times to comments.


Adam said...

Great job by the morning crew on a tough one! That one was relentless!!!

17:24 as rx'd

shed about 8 minutes off the previous attempt - I can attribute some of that to not doing bench press prior or GHDs, but I still think I improved a fair amount!

JC said...

I'm one day off the schedule did yesterdays WOD today:

4 Rounds on the button

100 SUs: 3:00

Mickey said...


KBS were a little over eye level instead of completely overhead.

American/Russian. Can't remember which one is which.

Matt Radik said...


Removing the bench press and switching out the GHDs had its affect. I took about 5 minutes off my time.

As Rx'd 13:18

jck said...

Needed to work on running

8 x 400m intervals
rest as long as it took to run


ErinM said...

Workout from St-Cyr this morning!

Run 2k
6 x 4 pull-ups (you chose the reps)
Run 2k
6 x 15 push-ups
Run 2k
5 x rope climbs
Run 2k
6 x 21 reps of ab exercises

Took about 70 minutes

Adam said...

Erin - I hope all is well on the other side of the pond! thanks for checking in and I'm glad that you are still getting after it!!

JC said...

Modified WOD from 21JUN11, but almost same time.

13:40 as rx'd

21JUN11: 13:44 (Although I think I missed something when I did this WOD)

jswobe said...


7 minutes faster than last time. The ring push-ups were unusually tough...