Tuesday, 21 AUGUST 2012

***MEETING LOCATION - The River Courts - this is the grassy area below Thayer Hall next to the Hudson River were Cadet Basic Training did a lot of their PT sessions during Beast. ***

We will meet up at 0540 at the River Courts by the Crew House.

Warm-up - we will start with a basic warm-up and then discuss and demo the exercises in the WOD.

Equipment required - standard Army PTs & motivation!!  A wristwatch would also be a good thing.

Teaching & practice - knees to elbows demo (Matt) and then everyone practices


11 x knees to elbows
Run length of field (approximately 200 meters)
11 x dips
Run length of field

After WOD is complete, rest a few minutes and then:

Cash-out - Run to the top of Stairway to Hell for time - stop point is when you reach the sidewalk by Thayer Road.

Post number of rounds complete & time for STH cash-out to comments.


Mickey said...

Going to be in the 62 room tomorrow so i can sub bike or row instead of running. foot is still kinda jacked up.

Adam said...

I'm not going to make it in the morning. I had to take my son to the ER for croup and after being up from midnight - 0200, with a little guy that's still coughing, I'm going to have to skip out. I will try to make up later in the day.

Have fun without me!

Mickey said...

Inside, subbed 200m row instead of running and ring dips

4 rounds flat.

Time expired running from the rower to the pullup rig

Joe W said...

7 rounds rx. 2:11 on the stairs.

Great view, great workout, great crew!

ErinM said...

5 rounds and one almost completed dip. My shoulders were smoked!

2:18 on the stairs.

Have a great semester everyone! I am going to try to keep up with B&G in France.

JC said...

Skipped the WOD to do Intervals with the RWB crew at Shea, constantly varied. It's been awhile since I've done a workout like that.

7X800M: 2:50-3:10 @ 50% rest interval

Matt said...


Great crew this morning. It was Erin's farewell WOD until next semester.

As Rx'd: approx 190m short of 8 full rounds. 2:05 on the STH.

jck said...

Went to scaled dips on rd #3
5 rds + Dips.

2:22 on STH

Great Workout!

jswobe said...

Did 320m (~1/5 mile) on the stationary bike instead of runs.

(just to do something different...and since I'm running tomorrow...)

6 rounds complete