Monday, 13 AUGUST 2012

Today starts Reorgy Week - so welcome back to all our Black and Gold members who have been out for the summer - we've missed seeing you in the '62 Room.  The first few weeks back we are going to work hard on the fundamentals and ensure we can consistently get the mechanics right before we add intensity.

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes) - no equipment needed for today, but need to claim our space, organize cadets, and start basic warm-up individually

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics and then everyone practices - split group in half and rotate after 5 minutes to other group
Air squat fundamentals (Adam)
Pull-up fundamentals (Matt)

WOD (brief and demo starts NLT 0550)

This is becoming a start of Reorgy Week tradition.  We were going to run the ski slope today, but based on the number of cadets who should be available this morning, I decided to save that for a weekend and go with the same WOD we did at the start of Reorgy Week last year. 

"Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner"

7 rounds for time:
7 x pull-ups
14 x burpees
21 x air squats

Compare to:  8 AUG 2011

Post time to comments.


Adam said...

it was great to see a few cadets in there this morning, it has been too long! Welcome to Scott and Chris!

15:17 on a tough one (beat my last Reorgy Week time by over a minute!)

Joe W said...

13:26 rx

Matt Radik said...
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Matt said...


I had alarm clock problems and didn't get in until 0630. Without the external push, I slowed down by 0:55 from last year.

As Rx'd: 12:35

njc said...

took a departure from the WOD they were doing at Optio Crossfit to bring back some Arvin memories today.

6 rounds: 13:09

Cut it short because of some elbow problems, and i'm trying to be conservative for this weekend.. MikeRothenberger and I are heading to Columbus for the Garage Games at CrossFit Inception.

Cadets, you are lucky to have Arvin.. please make the most out of it this year.

I miss sweating with you guys, i'll check back in once in a while to make sure you're all still hitting it hard.

Adam said...

thanks for checking in Nick! Best of luck in the Garage Games!

JC said...

A day late and a dollar short but I got this one done. I thought I had a baseline time on record, but didn't see one from the last two times we did this WOD. Now I've got one on record:


jswobe said...


(over a minute faster than last time)