Friday, 24 AUGUST 2012

Today we will meet up in the '62 Room and then move up to Hayes Gym for a rope climbing demo and chance to practice.

Equipment needed:  wear your old beat up shoes or bring your boots if you prefer.

Teaching & practice (10 minutes) Rope climbing demo and scaling options (Matt).  Everyone gets a chance to practice for a bit before we get after it!


This WOD was made up last year in honor of Hurricane Irene that rocked the area.  It's not an official named WOD, but a good chance to check your progress.


Rope climb (15')

Use any climbing technique you'd like to reach the 15' mark.

Beginner: if you are unable to climb a rope, spend this time practicing your technique.
Intermediate: Start from the standing position.
Advanced: Start from a seated position.

Compare to: 29 AUGUST 2011

Post number of rope climbs complete to comments.


Mickey said...


I somehow managed to get rope burn on my foot through my boot lol

Adam said...

19, which was 4 more than last time. I feel as though my technique improved a lot and I wasn't nearly as tired as last time.

It was great to see a big group in there this morning - great job by our new rope climbers!!

Mickey - I did the same thing..while wearing boots!

Mickey said...

Just so everybody knows, Sean got 31

Crazy person.

JC said...

11 - Not great, but much better than previous attempts

jck said...


Sean climbed 550 cord with his teeth in SFAS.

Anonymous said...

16 haha and my shoes got burned from the rope..oh well lol

jswobe said...

Skipped Irene...subbed "Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner" from earlier in the month, instead.

Still -- no ropes immediately available. I'm working on it, though!