Thursday, 23 AUGUST 2012

Today's WOD is a benchmark WOD that we will occasionally revisit to check your progress.

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes) - Equipment needed:  1 x PVC dowel for warm-up and practice & 1 x barbell per person

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics of the overhead squat and then everyone practices
Demo (Adam)
Overhead squat points of performance (Matt)

WOD (starts NLT 0555)
Run 400 meters (Gym Loop)
15 x Overhead Squats (95/65) [note:  If unable to do OHS with bar, do 10 x PVC OHS + 10 x goblet squat (53/35) as a sub]

Compare to: 29 MARCH 2012

NOTE:  Scale weight as needed!

Post time to comments.


Joe W said...

18:50. 65#
Amazing work done today.

Matt said...


Great work by everyone this morning.

As Rx'd: 14:12

Over a minute and a half better than last time and almost two minutes better than the time before that.

Mickey said...

95# OHS
600m Bike instead of run. that was a rough one

Adam said...

17:48 as rx'd, about a minute off of my last time.

Great to see a hard working crew getting after a tough one this morning!

JC said...

15:23 as rx'd

OHS Squat sets 1 and 3 unbroken

jswobe said...


I love Nancy, even though she's a...wonderful person...but I cannot seem to improve my time on this WOD!