Wednesday, 22 AUGUST 2012

Arrive, set-up, & start personal warm-up (5 minutes) - Equipment needed: 1 x PVC pipe dowel per person for warm-up & 1 x barbell per every 4 people w/ appropriate weight (rx'd = bar + 2 x 25 lbs. plates for men, 2 x 10 lbs. for women)

Teaching & Warm-up (10 minutes) - discuss basics of the sumo deadlift high pull and then everyone practices - initially practice skill with PVC dowel and then move to barbell after demonstrating consistent mechanics, then add weight and continue practice/warm-up

Sumo Deadlift High Pull points of performance and progressions (Adam)
Demo SDHP (Matt)
WOD (starts NLT 0550)

Today we will do a WOD in a 'round robin' format.  Although it is an individual effort, 4 people will join together and rotate through a sequence of 4 events.  You will rotate through in an orderly fashion from one event to the next.  You will keep a running total of your reps over all 3 rounds.  The clock with continue to run and people rotate automatically to the next exercise in the sequence once time is up.  After everyone in the group has completed all 4 events, then EVERYONE rests for 1 minute at the same time - this completes 1 round (total time = 5 minutes).  Repeat sequence 2 more times and report total reps complete.  It will take 15 minutes to complete this WOD.

3 x 1 minute rounds of the following
sumo deadlift high-pull (95/65)
hand release push-ups
jump and touch (object approximately 12 inches above your extended reach)
mountain climbers
***everyone rests for 1 minute***

Post number total reps complete to comments.


Mickey said...

365 reps rx'd

Adam said...

it was great to see a big group there this morning getting after it! Nice work by everyone!!

115 + 104 + 100 = 319 as rx'd

Joe W said...

431 rx. Packing them in there this morning!

JC said...

123 + 112 + 110 = 345 as rx'd

Matt said...


As Rx'd: 403

jck said...

405 with 65# SDHP
Great Workout!

jswobe said...

400 exactly.

(142 + 124 + 134)

that was a good combination of not-so-common movements. I don't think I've done mountain climbers in three or four years.

...and hand release push-ups are brutal!