Wednesday, 8 AUGUST 2012

Today's WOD is a bit out of sequence, but this week has been a bit strange since we started off with the 31 Heroes WOD on Monday, thus throwing off our cycle a bit.

Today's WOD came from the CrossFit mainsite and we will modify it slightly to fit our needs.

10 rounds for time
3 x weighted pull-ups (45/25)
5 x strict pull-ups
7 x kipping pull-ups

NOTE:  30 minute mercy rule (unless you really want to do it all)
NOTE2:  Rest as needed between rounds, but the round ONLY counts if you do the 3-5-7 sequence unbroken.  If you start a round, but don't complete 7 kipping pull-ups, then the round doesn't count.
NOTE3:  Scale as needed - if 45 lbs. is too much for even the 1st round, then use less weight.  Scaling options can include substituting jumping pull-ups or band assisted pull-ups or doing kipping pull-ups when strict are prescribed, etc.
NOTE4:  If you add it up, it's a total of 150 pull-ups...ouch!
NOTE5:  Check out the demo video of the WOD:

Post time to complete all 10 rounds or post number of rounds complete in 30 minutes to comments.


Joe W said...

3rds+3 weighted rx

Adam said...

wow, that was humbling! Great work by Matt and others on a tough one!

I did one round unbroken with 25 lbs. and then transitioned to partitioning rounds until complete using 25 lbs. (rounds 2 and 3) and then 20 lbs. for rounds 4 - 10.

Completed all 10 rounds in 38:01.

Matt said...


That was a good one.

33:48 (first 8 rounds as Rx'd. On the 9th I lost my grip on my last rep. On my 10th round I came off the bar before my last strict pull-up)

jswobe said...

So, did this on a pair of rings. I mod'd to:
2 x weighted
4 x strict
6 x kipping

I used a 20# med ball (all I had for easily "holdable" weight).

29:20 (or so)

Lots of broken sets after rounds 4...