Friday, 10 AUGUST 2012

Today we will tackle part of DPE's "Corps 4 Challenge."  We already ran the 5km on Tuesday, and today's WOD is Part 2 of 4.  We will do it with a little of a twist to make it more challenging and give us a better workout.

Bench press - max reps until failure at the following weights.  Rest approximately 5 minutes between each round.

Round #1: 175 lbs.
Round #2: 155 lbs.
Round #3: 135 lbs.

NOTE:  This is an untimed WOD, use a partner to spot you.
NOTE2:  Performance terminates when the spotter helps you, when you stop to rest, or you reach muscle failure.
NOTE3:  Must maintain 5 points of contact during the lift: both feet on the ground, butt, shoulders, and head all in contact with the bench.
NOTE4:  Scale as needed.  If you cannot lift 175 lbs. one time, then reduce the starting weight.  The actual Corps 4 is at 175 lbs. max reps and the scaling options are 155 lbs. or 135 lbs. for reduced points.  Check the board outside of the '62 room to see what you score.

Cash out:  30 x push press (95/65) for time.

Post number of reps at each load and time for cash out to comments.


Adam said...

18 @ 175
18 @ 155
21 @ 135

3:04 for the cash out as rx'd.

I was hoping to hit 24 reps at 175 in order to max out the DPE scale...oh well, maybe next time!

Great job by Darren, Kevin, and Matt at the end of a tough week!

jswobe said...

12 @ 175
13 @ 155
15 @ 135

Cash-out: 3:19