Tuesday, 21 June

Bell Ringer

AMRAP 1 minute of body-weight bench press then

Kettlebell swings (53 lbs.)
Goblet squat with kettlebell
Ring push-ups - set rings about 6 inches off the ground and do push-ups with hands in rings
GHD sit-ups (or scale to regular sit-ups holding a 20 lbs. medicine ball)

Post times to comments.


Adam said...

Oh boy, this WOD lived up to it's name, rang my bell big time!

17 x bench press at 185
then 26:14 for the WOD.

That one destroyed me. Ring push-ups were brutal.

Great work by Matt - he crushed it!

Matt said...


Adam, sweet WOD.

12 x bench press at 185

18:15 of pure suck as Rx'd.

jswobe said...


12 x BP @ 190

22:40 for the WOD

That was tough...the KBS followed by the goblet squat was just mean...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JC said...

Did this killer WOD at the MWR gym. I'm not sure what I did differently but it must have been something because my time is significantly below the average. Anyway, it was a great WOD that still smoked me.

5 X Bench Press @ 185 (pathetic)

WOD - 13:44

Adam said...

JC, either you are ready for Regionals or you did something..
did you do all 21-15-9-15-21 w/ 53 lbs. for the KBS and Kettle bell squats? Ring push-ups? GHDs?
If so, you are a beast! Regardless, that was a tough one, glad you had a chance to get after it.