Thursday, 23 June

Spend 10 minutes dedicated to working on muscle-up technique, then:

5 x Hand-stand push-ups
20 x double unders
10 x box jumps (24")

Post number of rounds to comments.


Matt said...


I'm going to be a little earlier since I have some stuff going on in the morning. I plan to be out of the gym by 0630.

Adam said...

7 rounds + 5 HSPU

Great work by Matt and Carissa!

Nice quick WOD, still a smoker, legs felt like lead on the box jumps.

Matt said...


7 rounds + 5 HSPU (kipping HSPU all the way through)

jswobe said...

7 rounds + HSPU

(there seems to be a theme here)

I need to learn kipping HSPU...everytime I try, I wrench my neck...obviously doing something wrong...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

now that's just creepy. I think we need a tie breaker retest in a couple of months!

Sodak said...

7 Rounds too.. and Im not just trying to copy everyone else...
to be fair my HSPU were slightly (a lot) less than perfect. I am trying to master the kipping HSPU.
My mind says its good to be back, my body... is not so sure yet.