Wednesday, 15 June

I'm introducing a new series called "AMRAP Failure" - basically you do each exercise until you reach muscle failure or you have to stop for a rest.  You then move to the next exercise and repeat as prescribed.  Look for future versions of AMRAP Failure coming in the future.

AMRAP Failure Version #1a

3 rounds, rest 1 minute between each round and no more than 15 seconds between exercises.  If you stop for a rest at any point, you move to the next exercise.

Ring dips
Kettle bell swings (53 lbs.)
Double-unders (if you mess up that's not failure, but if you stop and don't IMMEDIATELY restart, that's failure)

Post total number of reps per exercise (and per round if you'd like) to comments.  Also, give me feedback whether you like the Failure Series or not.


Mac said...

Ring Dips - 30-20-15 (65)
KB Swings - 40-28-20 (88)
Burpees - 25-20-13 (58)
DU's - 50-43-40 (123)

That was a pretty brutal WOD, but my thoughts on it are mixed. It's the kind of WOD that truly exposes the amount of heart the athlete has. It would be entirely possible to put out minimal effort in the first round in order to maximize the second and third, or to do less KB swings because you want to save your grip strength for the DUs (and those thoughts definitely went through my mind).

If you really push, though, and make maximum effort during each exercise and round, you can get a phenominal workout with this. I'm tempted to bring this with me to my next unit to see who knows how to deal with a little adversity, and who just talks a big game.

Adam said...

Dips: 15-10-9
KBS: 30-20-20
Burpees: 22*, 13, 11
D/U: 40, 30, 30

*I think I may have miscounted on the burpees, it might have been 27 or so, I think I hit 18, lost count for several, and then started recounting, ending at 22.

My thoughts: it's a real mental WOD, constantly redefining 'failure' in my head and war gaming the next round and adjusting effort (at least mentally) as I progress. Future Failure AMRAPs will be more objective (like dips, and less subjective than burpees - I never reached muscle failure, but form was shot and I was tired).

Future Failure WODs will include things like Wall Ball Shots, Knees to Elbows, pull-ups, thrusters, etc. - you either make the rep or not.

jswobe said...

Ring Dips - 20-13-13
KB Swings - 38-29-25
Burpees - 22-16-22
DU's - 38-35-45

Generally, I agree w/ Mac. This was a good WOD, and it was pretty tough. One could game it and try to put out less effort early and save it for the last round, but what would be the point?

I think it comes down to heart and self-discipline, which is really what any AMRAP or RFT WOD is: an all out effort to see how much you can do or how fast. In this case, the question is "how many?"

And - it's a different format. Keeping it "constantly varied..."

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JC said...

Ring Dips: 7-10-10 (27)
KBS: 21-17-21 (59)
Burpees: 25, 20, 20 (65)
D/U: 37, 24, 33 (94)

A day late and a dollar short, but at least I did this killer WOD. Ring dips are a major goat.