Friday, 3 June

Lots o' Squats

3 rounds of:

3 x Back squat
3 x Overhead squat
3 x Front squat

NOTE:  This workout is for total weight for each round.  Rest as needed between sets and rounds.


ErinM said...

Overhead squats out of the question, so here's what I did:
3 rounds:
3 Back Squat: 85-105-115
20 KB Swings (26lb one arm)
3 Front Squat:65-85-95 (Fail on 95 - broke it into 2 and 1)

Tex - I am so glad to hear your shoulder is doing better. Congratulations and have a wonderful wedding!

Anonymous said...

Pulled one off of the main site for today:
5 min AMRAP

3x 275lb DL
7x 115lb push press

6rds + 3xDL + 4x pp