Friday, 24 June

One of our Black and Gold regulars, Cadet Erin Mauldin, did a 14 hour WOD when she climbed Grand Teton.  Great work Erin! 

Beat the clock! 

Ground to overhead (95 lbs.) - you can use any technique you want to go from weight on the ground to having the weight locked out overhead.  Snatch, clean and jerk, thruster, push-press, whatever you want.

With a constantly running clock, do 1 rep the first minute, 2 reps the 2nd minute, and continue to add one rep every minute until you can't do the prescribed number of reps in the time allotted. 

Post number of minutes (rounds) complete to comments.


Adam said...

8 rounds complete + 7 reps on Round 9.

Great work by Matt!

Glad this week is over, it's been a tough cycle and I need a break!

Matt said...


Great programing this week, Adam. Thanks for the push at the end.

9 rounds + 9 reps on Round 10.

Erin, you should submit that pic to the main site. They pay $150 for the rights if they post. I now have a 88lbs kettlebell and a BGCF T-shirt because of a pic I submitted.

jswobe said...

11 rounds complete + 8 reps on #12.

That was fun. I took Mac's advice from the first CF Games Open WOD (double unders + power snatches) and focused on good form for efficiency. I think it paid off. I could tell during round 12 (after having 2 or 3 seconds to rest following round 11) that I was tired, my form was degrading and I was basically muscle snatching the bar to overhead. All that efficiency was gone...

Great WOD! I agree w/ Matt: good programming this week.

@Matt: great info on submitting pics to the main site. Have they posted yours yet? If so, do you remember the date?

@ErinM: congrats and what a photo!

(and sorry for the long post!)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


Check out the main site for 26 NOV 10, the day after last Thanksgiving.

jswobe said...

@Matt - hey, I remember seeing that picture and thinking, "Hawaii...nice. Looks my kids hanging off of me." Great pic!

Adam Springer said...

9 rounds + 8...legs and shoulders are toast after this week and I could feel it.

OH...HI Black and Gold CrossFit, happy to be here and training!

Sodak said...

So i did this in the afternoon and I finished the 8 minute mark... so does that mean I did 9 rounds? rock math....

cause I ended doing 9 in like 8:57 so whatever that is..
oh n' i scaled the weight to 85...
I need to lift more....