Thursday, 9 June

Heavy Drop - AMRAP 12

3 x kettle bell swings (70 lbs.)
6 x box jumps (30 inch box)
3 x thrusters (115 lbs.)

Heavy weight, low reps - have fun!


Adam said...

6 rounds + 1 KBS.

Slow and steady was the pace, but man it was tough.

I then messed around with different box jump heights and worked 3 sets of 5 at 40 inches.

Good to be back in the '62 room!

jswobe said...

9 rounds + KBS, box jumps and 1 thruster

2 thrusters short...THS got me!

That was a f---ing awesome WOD. I had to use a 70-lb dumbbell since my gyms don't have KBs that large. A dumbbell is NOT the same as a kettlebell. The swing is much more natural and rhythmic with the KB. I have been trying to find something to convert a DB into a KB on the internet. Anyone have a source?

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe, you killed that one, glad you enjoyed it. I just couldn't get the thrusters going consistently without a break. THS got me big time.

Not sure of any conversion kits, but you could always treat yourself to an early b-day present and buy one (or many!) from Rogue Fitness. They have tons of cool equipment and I wish I had $$$ to spend!

Anonymous said...

11 rds + 3 KB swings.

The humidity is brutal, but only less brutal than trying to do heavy thrusters. Ouch.

baby huey said...

11 rds +3 kb

Box jumps are awful