Thursday, 30 June

FRANRAP (a combo of Fran and an AMRAP...clever, eh?)

7 x thrusters (95/65 lbs.)
7 x pull-ups

Execute as many rounds as possible in the time it took you to do your last Fran.  For example, let's say I have a 7:30 Fran time (I wish!), this means I do 7 and 7 as prescribed above for 7 mins. and 30 seconds. 

Compare the total # of reps completed for each exercise with the total number of reps completed with Fran (45 reps of each).  Which format, 7 & 7 AMRAP or 21-15-9, did you produce the most POWER (amount of work over time: in this case which format allowed you to do the most work {number of reps} in the least amount of time?)

NOTE:  If you have never done a Fran, then treat this as an AMRAP 12.


Adam said...

Wow, thrusters still kill me.

6 rounds + 2 thrusters in 10:10

44 thrusters + 42 pull-ups compared to my Fran of 45/45 in the same amount of time. Lower power, higher suck factor!

jswobe said...
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jswobe said...

The last B&G Fran WOD from May...

Matt said...


My book with my last Fran time won't get here until next Tuesday. All I remember is that it was sub-5 minutes, so I did 5 min.

5 rounds + 1 Thruster in 5:00

High suck factor. High transitions killed me. Regular Fran is "easier" for power output, in my opinion, because there are less transitions and more pull-ups in a row so I can make-up for my thrusters.

jswobe said...

7.5 rounds in 8:02 (last official Fran time)

8 rounds in 8:30 (the "my goal was 8 rounds and I am mad as hell that I did not make it" time)

That was tough. I think doing that as an AMRAP 12 would have been brutal...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JC said...

Managed to squeak out Fran +4 thrusters in 11:44

Agree that the added transitions slow the progress, but they certainly gave me some much needed breaks at times where I needed them. Regardless, fun remix of a classic.

Adam Springer said...

Well that was just sad...5 rounds in 9:00. Best Fran 8:40.