Wednesday, 29 June

21-15-9-3 reps for time of:

Deadlift (body weight)
Wall ball shots (20 lbs.)

In between each round of the couplet, do:
Shelf climb in Hayes Gym
Run 2 laps (approx. 400 meters)

NOTE:  If not at West Point (sorry jswobe!), you can either find something similar to the shelf to climb up on or substitute with 10 x knees to elbows and 5 x chin-ups (strict) and then run 400 meters.


Adam said...


It was my first time up the shelf in about 13 years, still as fun as it was as a cadet.

Great to see Tex back at it this morning! Great work by Matt, Tex, JC, and Carissa - way to push it!

Anonymous said...

Working my way west, enroute to Kansas, and stopped in at Crossfit Boomtown in Rochester, NY. A little bit different programing method, as the warmup consisted of:
20x DUs
10x one-armed KB OHS (each arm)
10x 24" box jump

followed by shoulder stretches with the bands and some funky groin/quad stretches.

Then, after a little skill work, did:
100x push presses (I used 115lbs)
3 front squats on every minute

In other words, do as many push presses as you can in a minute, and knock out three front squats, with the same weight, at the start of each minute. This ends up pretty brutal, but you need to do it with moderate to heavy weight. Took me 13:50.

Finished up with some pose running work. If anyone is in Rochester for any time, stop by and work with these guys. They literally operate out of their garage, and have a lot of knowledge to pass on.

Keep after it, Black and Gold!

Matt said...


That was a fun WOD. I haven't done the shelf since 1996 or 1997.


I couldn't keep up with Tex, he got me by about 30 sec to a minute.

Tex said...


I can't tell you all how good it felt to be back with the crew, old and new.

jswobe said...


I missed the shelf today! I am not sure that 10 K2E & 5 chin-ups +400m equals the shelf and 2 Hayes laps (I know it does not!), but it was still a great WOD.

And my K2E form is getting better. Rock!

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

JC said...


I've never attempted the shelf, but with a little pre-WOD practice I figured it out. I'm sure it was ugly but it worked. I had a lot of fun knocking this WOD out.

Sodak said...

Ewe, i was smoked. I started understanding the DL a little better as I went. Thanks for the coaching and encouragement. It was very much needed.