Monday, 13 June


Knock out 10 x GHD sit-ups (or 25 sit-ups) between each set of deadlifts.

Post loads to comments.


Adam said...

185-225-245-255-265-285 (PR)

Still need to work on my form and improve my strength.

MikeRothenb said...

225, 265, 265, 265, 275, 285

Didn't do the GHD's in between though.

Anonymous said...

Ran out of time to give this the effort it deserves, so did this from the main site:
3 rds
row 500m
25x 30lb dumbell shoulder presses
25x 24" box jumps


JC said...

185, 205, 225, 245, 275, 305

jswobe said...

I was away from the flagpole for this WOD, so I made it up on Tuesday:

DL: 185-225-275-315-345-375
(was hoping for a PR at 385, but scared myself off during the second set of 3...probably should have tried for it...)

Instead of deadlifts, I ran 6K. Roughly 30 minutes...