Tuesday, 28 June

12 x sumo deadlift high pull (65 lbs.)
5 x weighted pull-ups (20 lbs.)
Run the "Stairway to Heaven" to the top and back to the '62 room.

NOTE:  If you aren't at West Point, run up 6 flights of stairs as a substitution.  If you don't have stairs around, then you can do 25 x box jumps in lieu up stairs.


Adam said...

Matt, I'm planning to be at Arvin at 0600 for the WOD. Let me know if that works for you.

Matt said...


That sounds good.

Adam said...

5 rounds + 11 SDHP

Stairs were a real smoker!

Great push by Carissa and Matt.

Matt said...


5 rounds + 12 SDHP, 5 PUs, to the top of the stairs.