Thursday, 2 June

50-40-30-20-10 reps of:

double unders
Air squats

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SG said...


Felt slower than last time, but it was the first time I've been able to do double-unders for awhile.

Good to have Tim and Marc in there today!

Adam said...

Vacation WOD sub:

Ran 2 miles
2 rounds of:
5 x pull-ups
5 x chin-ups
5 x mixed grip pull-ups
15 x dips
15 x big box jumps (approx. 36" platform)
Ran 2 miles

My watch stopped during the WOD on the dips I think, so not sure of time. Fun playground WOD, but parents probably thought I was a creeper for hitting the park solo.

Adam said...

forgot to mention, today was the first day of running with the Merrell trail gloves. I love my Five Fingers, but the toe busted out, and I wanted to try the Trail Gloves. So far they get a B compared to the A+ of VFFs.

Trail Gloves are not as comfortable or minimalist as VFFs. I'm sure they will grow of me and it will be nice to not have people staring at your feet when you run by.

ErinM said...


It wasn't Rxed - because I scaled up:

GHD sit-ups instead (and I hit every single double-under, not in a row, though)!

Anonymous said...

12:38, and in honor of our (maybe) new APRT, I did rowers instead of situps.

Tex said...

Definitely a bit slow on the DUs as I am progressing in my recovery. I did feet unheld, touching hands behind head and to the toes for the situps. Looking forward to seeing the crew in late June...if there is anyone at WP.