Tuesday, 14 June

5 Rounds for Time:
Row 500 meters
25 x push-ups (hand release, CF Games standard)
15 x box jumps (24" box)
5 x pull-ups

Post time to comments.


MikeRothenb said...

Took 15:41, but i forgot one set of 25 push-ups

Adam said...


that was fun. Hand release push-ups are a killer!

Anonymous said...

22:10, with ring pullups (the mwr gym pu bar is no good for kipping).

Mike, you crushed this (and me) unless 25 pushups would have taken you 6 minutes. Awesome.

And I wonder if the programmer (Adam?) did this WOD to me on purpose, considering it's almost identical to what I did yesterday in lieu of the DLs. Ouch.

Adam said...

Mac, fear not, all programming is done by the weekend, so it was in the system well before you tortured yourself two days in a row. I did see your WOD yesterday and I slightly cringed knowing what was upcoming. I do it a few days in advance so that I don't adjust the schedule based on my own mood, etc., plus it's nice to even surprise myself when it pops up.
MWR gym? You've gone soft!!

jswobe said...

Since I was away from the flagpole yesterday, I did both yesterday's deadlifts (minus the GHD situps) and today's metcon together.

DL: 185-225-275-315-345-375
(was hoping for a PR at 385, but scared myself off during the second set of 3...probably should have tried for it...)

Today's WOD:


Holy cow...that was a LOT longer than I hoped for.

@Adam - agreed: HR push-ups kill me. I spent a lot of time thinking about pushing back up...

@MikeRothenb - well done!

Adam Springer said...

Fellas...just got to WP and looking to get after it during lunch'ish. Does anyone do the daily WOD at lunch in the '62 room(s)? Thanks!

Adam said...

@ Adam S. - most folks do the WOD in the morning. During school year mainly between 0530 - 0630; 0630 - 0730. The math dept usually does after lunch WOD during academic year, but not sure right now.

Summer is usually 1 - 2 people for WODs because of different schedules, training, etc.

I usually am in Arvin between 0545 - 0700.

Where are you working at WP? Thanks!

Adam Springer said...

D/math, just started in-proc today.