Friday, 16 December

As TEE Week draws to a close and we prepare to go our separate ways, I wanted to put out a few notes:

1)  Don't forget to stay active over the break.  Continue to check the blog as I will occassionally post some comments, WODs, etc. I know many folks will be limited on equipment, etc., so in the absence of a prescribed WOD or equipment (ropes, weights, pull-up bars, etc.) the guidance is simple - find a way to work out!  Lift heavy objects you find in the garage, use tree branches for pull-up bars, chop a cord of wood, back squat your girlfriend/boyfriend/bro/sis/friend, play sports, go to a high school football stadium and run sprints and stairs, find a playground and do dips, pull-ups, etc.  Use your imagination and your love of CrossFit and figure it out!!!  Planning and executing a work out in the absence of a fully stocked gym will help you figure out how to lead PT in the Army when there is a no '62 room readily available. 

Remember CrossFit is all about executing constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements!  This simply means - try something new/break the routine, do it vigorously (for time and/or for weight), and make sure it is a compound movement (uses multiple muscle groups and joints) that replicates something you naturally do (push, pull, lift, throw, jump, run, carry, sit, stand, etc.).  Isolated movements like biceps curls in front of the mirror are NOT the answer!  That being said, doing ANYTHING (even the dreaded elipitical trainer!) is MUCH better than sitting on the couch eating and watching TV the entire break.  Try to break a sweat every day - even if that means going to Zumba with your Aunt.

2)  Take a photo doing something CrossFit inspired over the break.  Email it to -  The best picture wins an old school B&G t-shirt!

Now for the final WOD of TEE Week!  What an awesome and tough week it has been!  Thanks to the morning crew for staying at it and showing up.

For today WOD, bring your jump rope and reflective belt.  It will take around 30 minutes, so we need to be ready to kick off right at 0540.  Safety first when running outside - watch for cars, potholes, etc.

Run, Rope, & Ride - compare to 1 July 2011

100 x double-unders (sub is 1:1 tuck jumps or 3:1 single-unders)
Run 1 mile (Arvin to Koscuiko's Monument and back)
Ride 5km (3.2 miles) - pick a bike you like, set it at the resistance you desire, and pedal!
Run 1 mile
100 x double-unders

Post time to comments.


Mickey said...

Sorry for missing the last one. Couldn't sleep last night.

Anyways, hope everybody has a great christmas break.

Matt said...


About a minute slower today. I lost time in different areas. I didn't feel as smoked as the last time we did this one.


Adam is a wildman. He did his first set of 100 double-unders unbroken. Way to go.

@ Leigh, your paleo granola mix is evil. It only last a few seconds when I got to my office. Thank you.

MikeRothenb said...

26:52 beat my PR of 28:09!

have a great break

Adam said...

27:35 today, which was about 30 seconds faster than July. Matt and I did get caught by the cannon and while saluting I counted 25 seconds, so without the stop I would have been closer to 27.

First round of double-unders went well, but then I paid for it on the run. I don't think I ran as hard today, but all-in-all it was a good one.

Have a great Christmas break and see everyone after the New Year!

ErinM said...

Great WOD this morning. Was really dreading it - but feel much better having done it.

Couldn't do double unders - so subbed 4:1 single unders. That took a lot longer.


What a wonderful week of WODs.

And the granola is awesome.

jswobe said...


I subbed 1 mile on the rower for the runs (letting the foot rest & recover...ease back into it!).

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD