Monday, December 19

I hope everyone's winter leave is off to a good start!

Today's mission - do something to break a sweat and post what you did!

Post activity to comments and don't forget to send a CrossFit themed picture to


Mickey said...

TABATA pushups, alternating planks, then pullups.

Pushups were 9.

I wasn't really sure how to score the planks but I found them on a crossfit youtube video. They were pretty tough.

6 pullups. Went from strict to kipping to jumping real fast.

jck said...

20 minute run through the town. It is really different to run on the flat land of Indiana

ErinM said...

2 hour swim practice with my sister this morning.

4,600 yds.

I feel like I drowned.

Adam said...

nice work by everyone!

Today I chased around 4 kids for 3.5 hours - not a standard CrossFit workout, but exerted some effort regardless!