Monday, 14 November

Welcome back from the long weekend!

Today's WOD -

500 x double-unders for time!!!

Yep, that's it!

If you haven't mastered double-unders, you have a few options:
1)  1,500 single-unders for time (3:1 for one substitution)
2)  Spend the time working on double-unders.  With double-unders PRACTICE is the ONLY known way to get better!!!!!  You should incorporate D/Us into your daily warm-up.

Post time to comments.


njc said...

did some DU work (almost there), and then tried 1000x SU for time:


Adam said...

Great to see a big crew there this morning working on Double-unders! Daily practice is the most important step.


I tried to keep up 50 x D/Us every minute, but after I hit 250, I was unable to keep pace.

jswobe said...


That was a mother! 500?!? What the hell...???

(I'm really looking forward to doing that again in the future to compare times...or not...)

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Pauly D said...

500 seconds. Yea, that's right.

Adam said...

jswobe - gotta love it! We had one rock star (Sean Fullam) who was under 11:00, so that's my goal next time!

also, this WOD was stolen from over a year ago...

Mickey said...

Did the 1500 singles.

15:09. First 500 unbroken.