Monday, 28 November

A few folks sent in some Turkey Day WOD pix - enjoy!

Patrick knocking out some handstand push-ups!

Patrick doing push-ups...gotta go lower!

Nick (njc) doing pull-ups in Albany

Mickey with the girlfriend back squat!

Nick doing a bull riding WOD!
Adam doing wall balls with a pumpkin.
Josh (JC) at the top of the ski slope after starting at South Dock, pushing a stroller!  Beast!



NOTE1:  There is no time component to this WOD, focus on form.
NOTE2:  For an additional challenge for experienced deadlifters, stand on a 25 lbs. bumper plate.

Post loads to comments.


njc said...

185-225-235-255-285 (PR)

felt great!

Adam said...


then just for the heck of it, one rep at 300.

njc - nice work!!!

Good to see everyone this morning, welcome back!

Mickey said...


hands were the limiting factor with this one. grip started to fail which started to screw everything else up.

KEWR said...

300-320-340-360-390 (mixed grip - not sure if you guys specify)

Matt said...


It felt better than I thought it would. I made a point to "relax" at the bottom. Each rep gets harder because I'm not using the muscle elasticity for the following rep.


kbsampson said...


I used lifting straps because my grip was done after the first two sets.