Thursday, 22 September


21-15-9 reps of:
Squat clean (135/95)
Ring dips

NOTE 1:  Scale as needed.  High rep, high weight squat cleans are tough!  Try to maintain intensity and not spend a majority of the WOD staring at the bar (or rings)
NOTE 2:  If you reach muscle failure on ring dips you can either use a band to assist, do jumping ring dips, do regular dips, or do push-ups.  Regardless, complete all the reps!

Check out a video on the CrossFit main site - click on Elizabeth as rx'd:

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njc said...

8-10pm tonight on ESPN2 is round 2 of the CrossFit Games, if anybody's interested. They are showing the games every Wednesday for the next few weeks.

Adam said...

wow, sad day for me and my pathetic performance. My hamstrings and back were smoked from yesterday and as a result, I died on this one early.

Start out with 95, then 85, and then 65 by the end. Ring dips went well, but cleans were ugly.


njc said...


Probably the best form I've had on 85# cleans, but couldn't keep up a great pace.

jswobe said...

14:58 @ 115 lbs

My better judgement told me not to use any more than 95 lbs, but my pride / ego told me not go less than 115. I chose poorly.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Adam said...

jswobe - way to show the WOD who is boss! At least you didn't fall apart like I did. There was a point when I didn't think I was going to even finish the WOD because my hams we so smoked, my form went down hill, really fast.

Matt said...


I'm glad I scaled to 95lbs.


I did some rough math and it turns out that I would have had to do the workout as Rx'd in about 11 minutes to match the same power output. My PR with the rx'd weight is over 15 minutes. I don't think I could have taken that much time off my score with 135lbs. I'm just not strong enough.

Tex said...

13:55 as rx'd
almost met pukie near the end there.