Wednesday 2/25/09

Fight Gone Bad (FGB)

For reps/calories.

3 rounds of 1 minute each of the following exercises:

Wall ball at 10ft target
75lb Sumo dead lift high pull (45lb for women)
24" Box jump
75lb Push press (45lb for women)

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Each exercise is counted by number of reps except the rower which is counted by number of calories used. The score is cumulative for all five exercises in the round. The score for all three rounds added together is your total score. This is a running clock so move quickly between stations. It does not matter where you start, so 5 people can begin simultaneously. I will need some help setting this up in the morning so we can get after it. We will set up in the hallway. Need some of you to get the blue boxes from Hayes that we use for box jumps and a couple of people to move the rowers. I'll go to the '62 room at 0530 to assist in the rower movement. All others go up to the 3rd floor weight room and set up 4 75lb bars. We will run two lanes so we can have 10 folks going at once. Bring some paper and a pencil too so that you don't have to remember your numbers per round. If you are doing this without a rower, sub burpees.

Post score to comments.


Go Cubs said...

This WOD is brutal. If anyone was wanting a little CrossFit history, Coach Glassman made this WOD for MMA fighter BJ Penn. It simulates an MMA fight (three 5 min rounds w/ a one min rest in between rounds.) Penn was asked how it compared to an MMA fight, he said it was a "Fight gone bad" and it became a famous WOD from there

Michael said...

How do you recommend those of us who don't come in at 0530 to set up since I highly doubt the gym staff will let us move around a bunch of the equipment?

Unknown said...

105-96-104, Total 305
Damn good workout this morning. Nothing like a little cotton mouth to start the day off.

JP said...

92-72-74, Total 238

Great workout. I'm looking forward to working on this and increasing my score. SDHP were my biggest problem.

usarmychick09 said...

73-53-44 Total = 170

Used 20lb Wall Ball, and 24" box jumps and subbed burpess because rowers were full. Would definitely like to see my score using 12lb wall ball and 18" box with rower. Great workout still though.

RW said...

score = 324

Michael - When you set this workout up later in the day, do it all in the 3rd floor weight room, sub burpees for the rower, build up the 18inch plyo-box to 24 inch (just put it on top of some of the 45lbs bumper plates), grab the medicine ball, and then set up one 75lbs bar.

SB said...

80-73-73, total 226
Great WOD! Need to improve on SDHP and PP.

Roll Tide said...

76+70+64 = 210

Heck of a smoker.The wall ball was the hardest portion for me. Good times.

NM said...

Total= 316

Great to see everyone sharing the suck this AM.

dan09 said...

Score: 277 (1 - 110, 2 - 86, 3 - 81)

Need to maintain that first round stamina and get a better score.

Great crew this morning. Having a coach/rep counter was huge. It allows you to focus a lot more on just executing the movements.

Smitty said...

74-86-69, Total 229

SDHP improved each time. while the third set of pp proved to be a problem.

Black and Gold CrossFit said... never ceases to amaze me that I am still learning. I started on the rower. I am a decent rower and if I give an all out effort for 1 minute, I can get 18 maybe 20 calories burned, but at that point I would be worthless for the rest of the exercises. I also an decent at the SDLHP but today I was wrecked when I got to this exercise. Although I briefed this morning that it did not matter where you started, after thinking through it, I think it does. The important thing for your log book is to remember where you started today and if you want a real measure of your increase in power capacity, you need to start in the same spot next time. I think an interesting test would be to do this starting from different spots within a couple of weeks just to see how much of a difference it makes based on where you start. We might find it doesn't matter, but I think it would.

Also, I think it is 3 pulls per calorie, maybe 2.5.

Lastly, Michael, MAJ Wylie hit is right on the head. You can set this up in the 3rd floor weight room and sub burpees for rowers. Trust me it will still be awful.

This is a good lesson to take away for all of you who are hoping to be platoon leaders some day. This is a great workout that you can do in big groups. You can do all sorts of variations of this workout. You are not limited to push press and SDLHPs. You could use pull ups, burpees, squats, push ups, sit ups, lunges, knees to elbows, hand stand push ups, etc... take any of those five exercises, but them in a sequence of 5 straight 1 minute intervals with 1 minute rest, do it 3 times and you have your very own austere fight gone bad. The important thing is that you can measure you power capacity across broad times and modal domains. Just some thoughts.

MattF said...

Total= 323(PR)

Awesome turn out this morning.

CMCD said...

93-109-103, Total: 305

Started off slow but busted it on the last two.

C V said...


Chat said...

97,98,96 = 291
Wall Ball was a weak spot

N G said...

80, 77, 75, Total 232. Had to sub burpies for rower. Great WOD.

Demet-hook said...

Missed it this morning...

Did Elizabeth on Crack today b/c I was studying all day yesterday.

Saturday I might do Fran or something w/ sumo high pulls to make up FGB...

I need to get back to the morning workouts like I used too

Plum said...


Burpees for row

Definitely a FIGHT GONE BAD

great WOD

Michael said...

89-86-85=260. Used burpees. That was a lot of fun. Couldn't ask for a better birthday workout.

Black and Gold CrossFit said...

Happy Birthday Michael...if I would have known, I would have programmed something special just for you.

Tex said...


had to sub burpees for row and 75lb lunges for box jump.

I could barely stand when the last round was over. Awesome!

Maj said...

272 total
Brutal workout, wish I could've done better

Anonymous said...


Kinda wish we had rowers out here but burpees are a good substitute

Anonymous said...


This workout was ridiculous. I thought I was going to die. Legit workout.