Monday, 04/04/11

"Nancy" (with long legs)
Five rounds for time:
Run 400m (we will run Supt/Comm Loop which is about 500m)
15 Overhead Squats (95/65)

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baby huey said...

95 lbs for 1,2,4,5 set
75 lb set 3

Chris M said...


JWM said...

19:12 as Rx'd

Hit all sets of OHS unbroken (which is a PR for that I think). However, my running was WEAK! I definitely need to start hitting the running harder.

10 said...

20min with 75lbs for OHS
Great way to start the week

Adam said...

19:27 w/ 65#

I really need to start working OHS again. 65# felt much heavier than it should have.

Anonymous said...

17:42 as Rx'd (PR by about 45 sec).

Definitely prefer starting off the week with a smoker like that as opposed to a lift for weight. Good pain...

ErinM said...

65 lb backsquat instead of OHS.

Matt said...


Great WOD. As Rx'd (approx 500m route). JWM, ditto on the PR of hitting all OHS unbroken. All I need to do now is speed up the reps.


Kingsley said...

16:47 as Rxed.

Completed all of the running for the workout. It was nice to get back to running, but I still could not keep up with ACE or COL Byers.

SG said...

Did the first round at 95, then switched to 75 to keep the intensity higher for the last four rounds. Used the Rucker track for the 400s.

jswobe said...


75 lbs OHS

good WOD

B&G -- I like the new homepage logo / banner

Dan said...

15:50 With weight as Rx'd

Did normal 400 legs Nancy so I could compare to when I did it last time. PR'd by 1:15.

Joe said...

400 meter run
The weight felt like a good choice for me but need more power in my legs for sure

JC said...

17:48 @ 65lbs. shooting to do the next Nancy as rx'd.