Wednesday, 04/20/11

Games WOD 11.5 or Skills Day

Here is the deal gang...Games WOD 11.5 is posted and a couple of us are planning on knocking it out in the morning.  Cadets have a modified schedule for the Battle Command Conference, so I anticipate few if any cadets being able to make this session.  If you are unable to do the WOD today, do a skills day (focusing on a goat) instead.  Tomorrow we will flip-flop and judge the games WOD again.

Here is WOD 11.5:
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Power cleans (145lbs / 100 lbs)
10 Toes to bar
15 Wall balls (20lbs to 10' target / 14lbs to 9' target)

Check out the instructions video BEFORE coming to attempt the WOD.  All of the WOD information can be found here.

For a downloadable PDF of the workout with a score card, click here.

For those of you who are eagerly awaiting WOD 11.6, you can find the details on it here.


JWM said...

WOD 11.5

8 rounds + 5 power cleans

That was brutal! Thanks so much to SG for setting a mark on the wall by going first. This WOD is definitely a gut check. My body held up okay but my gut performed marginally!

Recommendation for people who have to do the WOD is find a slow steady pace early rather than bursting out of the gates. I spent a lot of time looking at the bar/ball in the second 10 minutes.

Thanks again SG and good luck to everybody else!

SG said...

WOD 11.5

6 rounds even

Thanks JWM for knocking out the workout early, and great work on the 8+ rounds! 145 is right there on the line between do-able and horribly painful for me.

Adam said...

I would have rather done the WOD with 500 lbs. than have to teach A hour when it started at 0630!

I'll make up the WOD tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dealing with the limitations of hotel "gyms", so did this:

3 rds
Run 5 min (treadmill set to 8)
50x pushups
50x squats
50x situps (unanchored)


Looking forward to getting back and knocking out WOD 11.5.

jswobe said...

Handstand and pull up work today.

Looking forward to 11.5 tomorrow...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

baby huey said...

8 rds, subbed toes to bar with knees to elbows after fourth set.
Will not do anything that requires a grip for goat day tommorrow

Joe said...

7 rounds +5 power cleans +10 toes to bar +8 wall ball shots

Joe said...

Thanks to the O.G. for the push and counting reps and rounds!! Helps having someone there when you are used to working alone

Dan said...

5 rds + 5 cleans + 7 toes to bar

Toes to bar = massive goat
Everything else felt fine. Toes to bar killed me.