Wednesday, 04/27/11

We did the WOD about 6 weeks ago.  Here is a good chance to assess what you have done over the last 6 weeks and whether it is improving you or not...

AMRAP 12 (As many rounds as possible in 12 minutes)
10 kettlebell swings (53/35)
15 sit-ups
20 double unders

Post rounds complete to comments

Compare to 03/09/11


CPR said...

6 rounds + 10 du's (i.e. 40 singles)

Great rhythm through the entire workout. Can't help but feel that this would have been a lot faster if I had been doing du's and not singles. New short term goal: be able to do du's

SG said...

9 rounds + 10 KBS + 15 SU + 19 DU

Missed my goal by one DU! Thanks to the guys who stuck around to cheer me on. It was nice not having to do it on my own.

Nick B said...

6 rounds + 10kb, 15 sit ups

good WOD- DUs slowed me down

jck said...

8 rounds even. First workout where I could put some DU together.

Tex said...

Anyone else see that JWM is 26th in the region? Great Job!

Pauly D said...

6 rounds + 10kb + 15 sit ups

I've actually moved up to triple unders, if you haven't, you should make the change.

ErinM said...

So double unders are a perishable skill for me. I could not string any together this morning.

6 rounds + 10 kbs (35lb)
All done with 4-1 single under replacement.

Adam said...

I had to comply with Army regs today and knocked out the APFT. I haven't 'practiced' the APFT since starting CF and the pacing aspect is a perishable (albeit potentially worthless) skill.

On my first go at the push-ups, I knocked out 72, but had plenty of gas left in the tank. Disappointed, I waited about 3 minutes and restarted the test from the beginning.

Round 2 of push-ups was 75.
Then sit-ups: 83
2 mile run: 13:14 (slowest in personal history)

Once again my time on the run was more influenced by poor pacing on my part and not on overall fitness level.

Some folks would use poorer than normal performance on the APFT as a reason as to why CF is not a good option. I would argue that in the Army you need all around functional fitness, which consists of way more than push-ups, sit-ups, and a 2 mile run, so believing that APFT 'fitness' is an overall indicator of combat or functional fitness is not entirely accurate.

Your true evaluation of fitness will be informally judged in garrison by your peers, subordinates and superiors and your fitness evaluation in combat will be informally judged by the enemy, the elements, and those that you lead. CF will help prepare you to excel in these informal, yet truly critical, fitness evaluations both at home and abroad. The APFT, not so much.

Soap box speech complete...see you in the '62 Room tomorrow morning.

jswobe said...

9 rounds + 6 KBS

2 KBS less than last time...disappointing, to say the least. DUs on the first five rounds were just not working. I should have / could have done a couple rounds of practice DUs before the WOD. Once the DU's were rocking, the rounds started flying by.

Next time, next WOD.

@Adam: hear, hear! Well said.

I submit to you that while your score may not have been your best ever, the fact that you did not "practice" specifically and exclusively for the APFT and still scored a 300 (307, by my calcs, although those may be outdated) is indicative of the benefits of the CF method.

Broad, general, non-specific...preparing yourself to react to anything life may throw at you...including the unpredictable rigors of a combat zone...or the ridiculous, arbitrary and over-emphasized APFT.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Matt said...


I find this WOD very frustrating. I didn't feel gases at all, but I only could have gone faster if I didn't trip up on some DUs.

7 rounds + KBS and Sit-ups (feet Not anchored)

I agree. Also, I dropped you a note on yesterday's post.

Adam said...

Matt, glad you will be joining us this summer. Many of our legends JWM, SG, Mac, Tex, and many others will be departing, so we need to get a big influx of new folks to keep the program going strong.

Shoot me a message on AKO: adam.grim if you have any questions about WP, housing, etc. before you arrive.

ErinM said...

Major Grim,

I took the APFT yesterday and I would agree with you on your assessment of cross fit for overall fitness. Though I too ran slower than I would have liked, I managed to max the push-ups after having not done any since January due to my elbow injury. I think that then being able to do 51 push-ups speaks to the general level of fitness I was able to maintain doing cross fit (albeit extraordinarily modified with one arm).

Adam said...

Erin, you are borderline superhuman and your feats of strength 1-armed inspire us all!

Keep up the good work!

sdc said...

8 rounds, plus kbs and 10 situps

This is pretty lame, but the limiting factor for me was the skin on my butt. I should have done situps on something other than the hard floor of the weight room.

JWhips said...

9 +10KBS +2SU

Late post here, but I cannot get on here from work. Just wanted to say thanks for the WOD. When trying to find something for today, I saw this one and took it. I guess it helps that I still check this just about every day. Miss being a part of the crew there. I'll be in for graduation so I'm looking forward to getting my B&G fix.

On the APFT stuff, I took mine yesterday. Maxed PU and SU and missed the run by 2sec (also due to a pacing issue). I took 4 1/2 months off from working out (no excuse), I haven't run since September, and I'm only 2 months back in the gym. Not my best PT test, but I'm OK with how I did. If you normally crush your PT test, CF might bring you down some, but it will get you to a place where you should still be able to max and when you're done you can go do some real PT (CF style). All I know is that it works for me.

Anyway, I love what you all have done with the site and I like checking out the programing. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Feel like I need to pile on to this conversation. Also took my APFT this morning, and maxed it and then some with nothing over the last many months (2+ years?) other than crossfit WODs.

Same comments regarding the importance of a broad and varied workout regimen - during four deployments overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan I was never tasked with running 2 miles or doing a bunch of pushups. While the three event APFT might be an easy way to gauge basic fitness for an army's worth of troops, noone worth their boots would consider that enough. In my companies we generally used the APFT as the start point, and went on from there.

This was also my first APFT running in minimalist shoes. Only been running distance with them for three weeks, so it's definitely a work in progress. And I can verify that you will want to work your way into barefoot running gently...

Stroh's Lite said...

6 rds + 12 Situps
(I used the Glute Ham Developer for this, and well, I'm gonna feel it, but it definately allowed me to keep up the intensity concept...)

I'll jump on this late night bandwagon of APFT discussion.

With a completely screwed up shoulder, I have managed to do every WOD posted on this site for the last 2.5 months, except for OHS, and the various powerful overhead presses.

So, on a whim, I took an APFT this last weekend. Not surprisingly, with an injury, I still overmaxed every area. It's too simple to ignore. CF works. CF is a good way to rehab injuries. CF isn't boring. CF is my friend.

Dan said...

7 rounds + 4 KBS (2 fewer KBS than last time).


Good workout, but had too much THS to top my score from last time.

On a side note, I love my rope.

Rx jump ropes..... If you're interested in buying one, enter the code 'jumprx' and get 10 percent off.

Adam said...
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Black and Gold CrossFit said...

JWhips! Not sure if you will see this or not, but GREAT to have you back on the discussion board. Hope all is well with you!