Monday, 04/25/11

We will meet in the 62' room to warm up and then head outside for this WOD.

2 rounds for time:
5 Wall-Climbs
Run 1/2 mile (to Kosciuszko Monument)
50 push-ups
Run 1/2 mile (back to Arvin)

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njc said...


I think it goes without saying how fun this one was. Loved being outside. The whole final lap I thought I heard the footsteps of JWM right behind me, so thank you for the chase.

SG said...


Awesome crew out there this morning!

JWM said...


Great work out there this morning. SG is not officially named "Man on Fire" for his crazy speed.

NJC, my footsteps really must be loud because you smoked me out there this morning! Great work to Smitty and Adam as well!

KEWR said...

What's the distance/description on the wall climb? Rock climbing wall or sheer brick wall?

Adam said...


What a smoker, great job by one and all.

KEWR, the wall climb actually doesn't involve climbing a wall in a traditional sense, but is a move that starts with chest on the ground, feet against a wall, and then you use your hands and legs to "climb" up the wall until you are in a handstand position with your chest touching the wall. You then walk your hands back out until your chest touches the ground. That's one rep. There are videos out there, just search Youtube for CrossFit wall climb.

CPR said...


Pride is shattered a little, but it was nice to be back out during the a.m. again.

10 said...

20 minutes...What a kick in the pride that was. Maybe I need to run some more.

KEWR Here is a link to what the wall climbs look like, but Adam gave a pretty good description. But if you are a knuckledragger like me pictures are the way to go.

JWM said...

CPR, great to have you back out there again!

Kingsley said...

Did you do the wall climbs outside of Arvin or in the 62 room?

JWM said...

Kings, we did them outside of Arvin...

Kingsley said...

Thanks, JWM. That's what I did.


Need to get faster on the run!!!