Thursday, 04/28/11

For weight:
Box Squats (Back squats to a box)

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jswobe said...

OK...I need some development. What is the purpose of the box squat, and is it a big deal if I don't use a box?

Tex said...

jswobe, BLUF: more power.

from what I understand:
1.) the box squat forces you to "untense" your posterior chain muscles at the bottom of the squat. This forces you to reengage before you can lift the weight. Normally, at the bottom of a squat, you are able to use the tension in your fully extended hamstrings to begin the upward movement.
2.) it does not allow you to cheat on depth because you have to place your full weight on the box at the bottom (choose the right height of box so that the crease of your hips is below your knee).
3.) It prevents rounding your back by giving you a "target" for your butt which assists in maintaining your lumbar curve.

Matt said...


There are some good videos in journal about the box squat. It is a different stimulus than the regular squat. It helps with explosiveness for one because when you stop on the box you relax some muscles in your posterior chain (not your back supporting the weight) and then you "leg curl" (because you sit with you shins behind the perpendicular plane) and explode out of the squat. You should have a wider stance and your the box should put you at parallel or below when you are sitting on it.

Finding the videos is your best bet, since what I just wrote is probably confusing.

Mac said...

Did WOD 11.6 today - 72.

Was not feeling strong with the thrusters, and the chest to bar pullups were a good challenge. There's definitely a different rhythm which led to a couple of mis-starts.

Pauly D said...

275 for the last 3 rounds.

jswobe said...

Started at 135, worked to 260, 265, and 275 for the last three rounds.

My post gym here is far from a CF affiliate, so I had to scrounge for a box. The best I could find was just over 15" tall, which felt high. It worked, but I think it should have been lower.

@Aloha Matt -- thanks for the insight. It was a different muscle stimulus (much like hand-release push ups!), but again - I need a lower box. I reckon I'll be making one...

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

CPR said...

also did 11.6 today.

I had a slip of the mind while I was setting up the weight. I threw 45's on each side (and the two 5's). I did a couple of reps to feel out the thrusters and I was dying. I couldn't figure out how everyone did so many reps. Although there could be a workout that involves thrusters at 145, it was not 11.6 When I noticed my mistake, I took the 45's off and put on the 25's.
That being said: 69 reps.
I spent the last two minutes feeling sorry for myself and just looked at the bar. I guess this is where that Julius Caesar quote about men would rather die then endure through the pain comes in. . . (the quote on the webpage).

Matt said...


I did Monday's wall climb, run, push-up WOD first, then I did today's.

As Rx'd (with my 800m course): 20:00
WC - 0:45
Run - 3:45
PU - 0:48
Run - 4:00
WC - 1:27
Run - 4:09
PU - 0:59
Run - 4:05

Box Squats (sets 1-5 14" box, sets 6-7 13" box)


ErinM said...

Box Squats:
65-85-95-105-110 (failed on #3)

Nate H. said...

405, 425, 475, 500, 500

Box squats help as Matt said with building explosive power due to the relaxation on the box. Additionally, they help immensely with recovery from the squat as the load is temporarily relieved from the muscle in the bottom. They most important thing is to find a box or surface low enough. I look for a noticeable gap between the top of my knee and crease of my hip when selecting a box as the natural tendency when squatting for the untrained person is to raise their hips in a way that the box isn't low enough.